Streamline Sales Training and Certification

Modern Sales Training and Certification

Traditional Sales Training is Broken

Traditional sales training is filled with “just in case” material. Reps are taught everything they might conceivably want to know, and critical knowledge is overwhelmed by a sea of rarely needed information. Using Allego, organizations can personalize training paths to individual rep needs, focus live training on critical material by making the rest available “just in time”, and design certification programs that ensure consistent sales results.

Deliver Quality Sales Training and Certification

With Allego, organizations can set up a curriculum and training program with quizzes and certification requirements for internal staff and channel partners. Trainers and managers highlight key products or services and develop examples of what good product presentations look like. Organizations quickly assess who their best reps are as well as which ones need additional coaching or training.

Ensure Sales Competency

Use Allego to embed quizzes, provide scorecards, and implement certifications that ensure consistent product messaging. Assessments help managers spot and address competency gaps before they impact sales results.

Reduce Sales Training Cost

With Allego’s mobile platform, sales reps spend more time in the field and less in the classroom. Bite-sized, just-in-time video lessons give reps the answers they need, without wasting time on topics that are irrelevant to their immediate goals.

Roll Out Products Faster

Use Allego to get a distributed sales force up to speed on new products and services in less time and at lower cost.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Traditional Sales Training is Broken


96 percent of the sales leaders, trainers and reps we polled felt their training needs improvement.

Quality Sales Training Boost Engagement


65% of employees say the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement.

Traditional Sales Training Saps Learning


Studies show that salespeople forget more than 80 % of traditional sales training content within 1 month

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