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January 11, 2014

Why Tom Brady Watches 17 hours of Video/Week

tom-brady-new-england-patriots-quarterback-2“You learn to learn. You learn. Then, you learn to re-learn.”

That’s why almost every professional sports team now uses the iPad as their official playbook. They understand the need to “re-learn” as well. Read this quick article  about Why Tom Brady Watches 17 Hours of Video a week. This process is crucial for all of us to understand, whether we are professional athletes or salespeople.

When you collaborate with the right people at the right time, you improve the odds that you will win. Talented teams create great content and ideas. Great companies understand the importance of capturing and sharing these ideas quickly, while they are relevant. Allego is focused on helping companies transform how their ideas are captured and shared.

If you have an iPad or work for a company that is using iPads, watch this 2-minute Allego video that will show you how a new iPad app can help you “learn to relearn.”


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