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October 7, 2015

Why Traditional Sales Training Is Broken And How We Can Fix It

just-in-time learningIn our digital world, traditional sales training and enablement techniques are broken. Salespeople simply can’t maximize their learning and retention of information when they’re brought into a conference room and pumped full of content they won’t use right away.

Research has shown that more than 60 percent of people are visual learners. In fact, we tend to process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. For younger business audiences, video is king. According to a Forbes Insight report, 30 percent of executives under the age of 40 indicated that they prefer video for reviewing business information.

Historically, the technology to leverage video content has created bottlenecks for sales organizations. But, after two years of hard work honing the technology in the platform…Read Yuchun’s full guest blog at


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