Scalable Sales Training with On-Demand Sales Content


Enterprise-Class Architecture Powers Video Sales Learning and Readiness Platform

Allego can be used on any mobile device, iPhone, iPad, and even a browser on a laptop. Spotty WiFi? No problem. Allego was built to be as accessible offline as online.
Video is an ideal medium for communicating content, and also captures the human dimension of social interaction in a way that makes it unbeaten for supporting a sales organization.


“Video is the new document”

– Jim Lundy, CEO, Aragon Research

Yet moving, replicating, and sharing huge volumes of video around in a mobile, highly distributed environment is a challenging technical problem.

To make the user’s experience seamless, Allego has 6 patents pending that address everything from video compression to multiple tiers of predictive caching throughout the entire stack. Our technology takes a 3-minute video that is roughly ½ giga-byte and compresses it by more than 90%. In addition to video, the Allego platform can handle other content files, including Powerpoints, documents, and pictures.

Allego easily scales using global CDN and leverages the robustness of the cloud to optimize storage. Files are intelligently cached, and with its small local footprint, the platform can be used both online and offline. It is highly secure and has features built-in that address compliance and archive requirements in highly regulated industries.

“The ability for a sales manager to leverage their time and geography using a portable device like the iPad and a well-designed app is a game changer in our industry.”

– Chris V,. CMO and Senior VP of Sales in the Retirement Solutions Division, Pacific Life

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