Reinforce Sales Learning and Retention

Sales Training Reinforcement and Retention

Elevate Customer Conversations with  Sales Training Your Reps Remember

Traditional sales learning rarely impacts behavior, because the one-and-done tactics fail to move new information into your reps’ long-term memories. Research shows people forget up to 80 percent of what they’ve learned within a month of training. Allego ensures reps retain and use sales training by serving bite-sized content and building a space for salespeople to practice on their own using video.

Allego designed Flash Drills® to provide a fun, easy way for salespeople to absorb and retain what they learn in training so they can then consistently apply it in customer conversations.

  • Flash Drills quizzes reps with fast, mobile-friendly flashcards using a scientifically proven technique called spaced repetition.
  • Flash Drills personalizes the flashcards based on each rep’s mastery to make learning as efficient as possible.
  • Gamification and competition keeps reps challenged and motivated to learn.
  • Graphical reports illustrate how well teams and individual reps have mastered each topic and skill so that managers can focus training on the people and subjects that need it most.

Sales Learning That Sticks

Companies spend billions to train their sales forces, yet 96% of sales managers and reps agree their company’s sales training needs improvement. Reinforcement learning helps them recall what they learned.

Reinforce Training in the Field

Retain new knowledge with spaced repetition. Allego Flash Drills works like an AI personal trainer. It identifies and exercises each salesperson's areas of weakness, in just a few minutes a day.

Build Up Video Practice

Drive knowledge deeper into reps’ minds through video practice and hot seat simulation that train reps to recall objection handling on the fly.

Ensure Sales Training ROI

Systematically measuring the ROI of sales training help differentiate the investments that improve sales performance from those that don’t.

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