Modern Learning for the Modern Enterprise

Modern Enterprise Learning Platform

Why Modern Learning?

Traditional learning solutions fail to engage employees or close skill gaps. Modern learners need streams of bite-sized content that are easy to create, absorb, and access. Delivered using a “just for me” approach that reinforces each rep’s knowledge, this content supports the informal, on-the-job learning necessary to master new concepts and put them into practice. That’s why we built Allego.

Achieve Core L&D goals with Allego

Top learning and development teams roll out Allego to:

  • Meet the dynamic needs of sales and other customer-facing organizations
  • Accelerate proficiency with personalized, adaptive learning
  • Boost learning engagement with video, microlearning and peer sharing
  • Establish a collaborative learning culture
  • Tap internal experts for fast, relevant learning content

Support the Full Spectrum of Formal and Informal Learning

Allego’s modern learning management platform is the first system that enables L&D pros to provide formal learning as well as support the informal, on-the-job training where 90% of learning takes place.

Sequenced Learning Paths

Assemble and guide learners through interactive courses featuring video and external content, with powerful reporting and management.

Adaptive Reinforcement

Flash Drills ® quizzes learners with fun, mobile-friendly flashcards so that they absorb, retain and consistently apply training.

On-demand Learning Content

Make learning content available to employees on the job, wherever and whenever they need it.

Peer Learning

Tap employees’ natural desire to learn from peers and discover relevant learning content via their social networks.

John Hancock Life uses Allego to identify individual knowledge gaps, close them using guided learning paths, and reinforce the newly acquired knowledge using continuous learning strategies.

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