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January 29, 2019

Modern Sales Learning Hinges on Mobile Video

Lack of knowledge is the biggest issue in sales today, according to Aragon’s lead analyst, Jim Lundy. Sales professionals need video knowledge in today’s workforce. Video content is rapidly moving to the front of the new digital selling charge, and Aragon forecasts 10x the amount of growth in video content over the upcoming years.

The Growth of Mobile Video

Why such substantial growth? Anything mobile and online become second nature to the new generation taking over the workforce, so they’re extremely comfortable with mobile video platforms. Mobile video training provides better learning outcomes and better training retention for incoming sales people, too.

Sales trainers can pack about 30x more information into a three-minute video than a traditional presentation. Having material readily available in your pocket acts as a key to sales and marketing success. Salespeople spend about 58% of their time searching for material when they should be focused on closing deals.

Just-in-time and Modern Learning

In the modern world, everyone carries a mobile device at their disposal, so just-in-time training and modern learning now pervade sales organizations across a wide array of industries. Look to the NFL, which uses just-in-time training all the time. Players on the sidelines review game footage on tablets to refresh and reinforce what they’ve practiced before getting back on the field. Sales reps can and should do the same thing.

Modern learning software gives sales professionals the opportunity to review new content in their cars before delivering presentations, or pull down refreshers at their desks before phone or virtual sales meetings. They get the chance to collaborate with one another and share best practices on how to deliver messages, competitive responses, and objection handling.

Better use of video is paving the way for more and more sales reps to walk into meetings better prepared, be better able to communicate their value, and win more business for their organization.  

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