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conversation intelligence for sales
September 23, 2021

Why Sales Enablement and Conversation Intelligence Make the Perfect Match

conversation intelligence for sales

We’re witnessing the coming of age of Conversation Intelligence.

Before the pandemic, reps used to benefit from being in the bullpen with sales managers, sitting alongside them, able to overhear their colleagues on calls and learn by osmosis. And while obviously many of our teams will now be hybrid, the sales floor has changed forever.

How do we replicate ”A-player” behavior and help reps when they’re not in the office? How can we give them the same just-in-time learning that they may have previously gotten sitting next to their colleagues?

Six years ago, my co-founders and I launched Refract, having experienced the personal challenges of how to develop and coach sales talent in the moments that matter—the sales conversations where revenue is won or lost.

We would ride along, coach and give feedback after calls and demos, but it was largely ineffective and certainly inefficient. We imagined there had to be a better way—and Refract was born.

We became a leading vendor in the sales Conversation Intelligence category, and in December 2020 we became part of the Allego family. That’s due to the excitement of what could be achieved when you put leading Conversation Intelligence together with advanced sales enablement.

What is Sales Conversation Intelligence?

Sales Conversation Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze every sales conversation from every rep and provide actionable insights on every call for every rep for every deal and every team.

It takes every cold call, every discovery call, every demo, every phone conversation, every video conversation, and even in-person meetings and analyzes the transcripts together with the CRM data from outcomes and other factors that contributed to creating that opportunity.

In doing so, Conversation Intelligence identifies and shares those key revenue-defining moments where deals are being won or lost. It triggers and automates learning, coaching, content, and actions relevant to each sales conversation.

It’s as if a manager or coach was watching each and every moment of every single conversation and sign-posting the learning, content, and coaching that is going to really impact rep performance.

That’s why sales enablement and Conversation Intelligence make the perfect match. It’s like a pit crew and a race car driver. The pit crew does everything it can to make the driver successful—to make the driver a winner. But actually, once they’ve left the pit lane, the driver is all alone where the rubber hits the road.

What can be done in those moments to help enhance, develop, and improve the performance of sales reps who are now working alone in a spare bedroom or sitting at the kitchen table? We want to accelerate performance and results using all the content, learning, and coaching possible.

Without Conversation Intelligence, sales calls are “black boxes” that don’t reveal any sharable insights. But these conversations are littered with gold nuggets and magic for the whole organization. Conversation Intelligence unlocks that insight, not just for sales teams, but for the entire organization so that every team can understand the voice of customers and prospects and gain insight into exactly what leads to successful relationships and desired outcomes.

That’s why putting Conversation Intelligence and sales enablement together can have such a dramatic impact. It’s as if a manager or a coach is listening to every moment of every conversation and showing their reps how they can learn in the moment, how they can develop,  and how they can become a top performer faster.

8 Key Benefits of Conversation Intelligence

Sales Conversation Intelligence achieves eight key benefits:

1. Increase revenue: enhance sales conversations where revenue is won or lost to improve outcomes

2. Impact rep performance and development: Refine and develop individual skills

3. Accelerate onboarding to superstar: Speed time to productivity and boost performance overall

4. Replicate top performers: Clone the behavior of A-players and level up mid-tier reps

5. Provide insight from “black box” sales conversations: Unlock understanding for the entire organization

6. Understand the voice of customers and prospects: Learn the language and questions that lead to successful relationships

7. Support increasingly remote and hybrid reps: Deliver training, coaching, and reinforcement to distributed teams

8. Deliver coaching and insight: Surface coachable moments and amplify coaching impact

Enabling a Winning Team

Today, B2B companies are turning to Conversation Intelligence for the insight sales managers and sales enablement teams need to help individual reps overcome their unique challenges and raise overall team performance.

That’s why Conversation Intelligence and sales enablement are the perfect match. With access to data from Conversation Intelligence, sales enablement managers can identify skill gaps, prescribe training to fix the specific behaviors that lose deals, and extract best practices for their entire team.

Conversation Intelligence enables a more personalized approach to coaching and team productivity. Reps who understand precisely where they made mistakes—and what content they need to review to improve—are motivated to take action that will positively affect their next call.

With Conversation Intelligence as part of your sales enablement platform, you’ll have the tools you need to help every single rep be productive every single day and enable a winning team.

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