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best conversation intelligence tools
February 16, 2022

How to Use Conversation Intelligence Tools to Create Deal-Winning Content

best conversation intelligence tools

Imagine the wealth of information you’d gain if you were able to listen to sales reps’ calls with prospects. You could hear how sellers interact with buyers, learn the precise language buyers use, observe how sellers describe the company’s value proposition, and gain insight into how sellers handle buyers’ objections.

All that data can help you create deal-closing content for your sellers—and it’s just sitting there waiting to be picked.

The challenge is getting the data. You could tackle the project manually and listen to each recorded call and take notes. But do you have time for that? Probably not. A better option is to use a conversation intelligence tool.

Using AI, conversation intelligence tools provide enhanced visibility into the buyer journey. Specifically, they record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls to generate recommendations—creating a goldmine of information product marketers can use to create content that helps sellers close the deal.

3 Ways Product Marketers Can Use Conversation Intelligence Tools

Content Development

When you co-create content with sales, you’re better able to produce assets that meet sellers’ needs. Their knowledge of the market and buyers’ challenges can help guide you. A conversation intelligence platform can play a role in the co-creation process by letting you hear firsthand from buyers and sellers. With it, you can:

  • Learn about hot topics, buyers’ questions, and buyers’ objections and write content about them
  • Use what you learn to revise or create new assets
  • Learn how sellers use content during meetings and incorporate those learnings into future content
  • Ensure content is always updated in the most impactful, relevant ways

Buyer Insight

A conversation intelligence tool sheds light on how well sellers deliver their message and content, as well as buyers’ reaction to it. It’s like being a fly on the wall, observing everything that takes place. With this capability, you can:

  • Test and iterate messaging by observing how reps deliver positioning and product information to buyers
  • Learn how buyers respond to messaging and interact with content to observe content effectiveness
  • Identify successful content for each pipeline stage and buyer type

Content Effectiveness

One thing often missing from a product marketer’s toolbox is a way to measure the effectiveness of the content you create. Do the sales decks, case studies, and other assets help move the sale along? Are sellers delivering the content well? Are they even using it? A conversation intelligence tool will help you answer those questions. Use that technology to:

  • Collect data that validates content effectiveness and highlights areas of improvement
  • Detect conversation topics to automate content recommendations for different selling scenarios
  • Spotlight top performers’ best content practices, identify trends, and improve content planning
  • Gain insight into which sales conversation topics and content correlate with success

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and critical for creating deal-winning content. A conversation intelligence tool will help you get that knowledge by providing insight into the buyer journey. Then you can build content based on facts and data, not assumptions.

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