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77% of Employees Say They Waste Time in Unnecessary Meetings, Cites New Allego Report

Allego research reveals the tools and practices growing companies rely on to positively impact hybrid, work-from-home experiences

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Needham, MA – May 25, 2021 Allego, the leading sales learning and enablement platform provider, today announced new research revealing communication preferences among employees adapting to a hybrid work environment. The full report, “The Asynchronous Advantage: How to Keep Hybrid Sales Teams on Track,” provides insights into the asynchronous tools and processes needed to help hybrid teams overcome the challenges of learning and collaborating in the new normal.

“The pandemic has shed light on the ways in which teams prefer to work. Face-to-face meetings have proven exhausting and fatigue-inducing but, as we look post-pandemic, B2B leaders must provide the tools their teams need to remain productive, whether in a virtual or in-office setting,” said Yuchun Lee, Allego CEO and co-founder. “Unlike synchronous communication, like Zoom meetings and in-office collaboration, asynchronous communication through recorded video provides the flexibility employees desire while meeting project deadlines and expectations.”

Allego surveyed hundreds of B2B leaders, gaining insight into the impact of asynchronous communication on their organizations. The survey evaluated the benefits of implementing relevant technology and processes to capture and share employee conversations. The findings further revealed the influence of asynchronous communication on productivity levels in a virtual environment.

Click to Tweet: According to @AllegoSoftware research, 77% of employees say they waste time in unnecessary meetings at least weekly. Asynchronous communication can reduce time spent in meetings while preserving important information.

Key insights from the report include:

Companies Are Losing Out on Game-Changing Ideas

  • 74% of employees say that in the past six months, they’ve forgotten a great idea that would have made a positive impact
  • 83% of leaders say they would be more effective if they had a record of previous employee conversations to offer guidance on current tasks

The Value of Lost Institutional Knowledge is in the Millions

  • 27% of leaders say they lose at least $250 million worth of institutional knowledge every year when an employee leaves
  • Leaders predict companies could grow six times faster if they could document the knowledge locked in the minds of employees

Relying Only on Live Communication Hampers Productivity and Creativity

  • 78% of leaders say they’re on “collaborative overload” and need more quiet time
  • 77% of employees say they waste time in unnecessary meetings at least weekly

Asynchronous Communication Boosts Retention and Collaboration

  • 77% of leaders who were forced to work more asynchronously because of COVID say they prefer to work that way even when they return to the office
  • 34% of leaders say they retain information better when they consume it asynchronously at their own pace

Asynchronous Communication Correlates with Growth

  • Growing companies are nearly four times more likely to provide tech tools for asynchronous communication
  • Growing companies are nearly two times more likely to have a process for capturing institutional knowledge from asynchronous conversations

Survey Methodology

Allego surveyed 250 B2B business leaders in January 2021. Survey respondents were randomly screened and sampled by an independent research firm in partnership with Lucid, a global leader in survey panel response. The margin of error for this study is +/-6.2% and the 95% confidence level.

To view the full research report or to learn more about creating a virtual learning and selling framework for your organization, visit


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