Video Based Sales Learning and Readiness Platform

Video Based Sales Training App

Video Based Sales Learning and Readiness Platform

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Allego’s mobile video sales learning and readiness platform produces better revenue performance by combining training, practice, coaching and content sharing into a single app designed for sales teams.

With Allego,

  • Sales managers enjoy greater visibility and reach to spot gaps before they hamper results as well as develop skills across their team.
  • Trainers and sales enablement professionals see better rep engagement, improved long-term knowledge retention and positive impact on reps’ conversations with customers.
  • Salespeople get easy access to best practices, key content and winning stories right from the field to improve customer conversations and win more deals.

Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform is:
  • Designed for sales teams – fast and mobile, with consumer app ease of use
  • Scalable and flexible to support enterprise growth and change
  • Complete, supporting all modes of sales learning in a single platform

The Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform provides:

  • Knowledge and skills assessment
    Establish reps’ baseline competency, understand gaps, then measure the effectiveness of training
  • Sequenced learning paths
    Guide reps through interactive learning paths with gamification and progress accolades.
  • Best practices and insight sharing
    Rapidly circulate field-generated insights across the organization so everyone benefits from the wisdom of top talent.
  • Video practice and coaching with inline feedback
    Coaching interactions and solo practice multiply when reps can practice on their own and managers can coach remotely, at the time of their choosing.
  • Flash Drills reinforcement learning
    Quiz reps with fun, mobile-friendly flash cards so they absorb, retain and consistently apply their training  in customer conversations.
  • Video exercises with intelligent routing and customizable scorecards
    Reinforce concepts across the enterprise with video exercise assignments that route to respective managers and trainers for grading.
  • playbooks
    Put the right messaging, objection handling, and competitive differentiation stories for specific selling situations right inside