The Best Performing Sales Teams Use Just-In-Time Training


Better Results in Real-time, Exactly When You Need It

Allego addresses the work style of the on-the-go sales rep. Built with mobile-first – for easily accessibility anywhere, any time – and the distributed sales organization in mind, Allego provides just-in-time sales skills training. Prepare your team for “real life” conversations before they happen. This proven patent-pending sales platform allows you and your team to capture your best field-generated ideas, master every sales pitch, and accelerate performance of your individual reps and your sales team as a whole.

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A Better Way to Learn

Watch how customers are using Allego

Through the power of video – a picture tells 1,000 words and absorption of knowledge is 90% more effective from video than traditional sales materials – Allego transforms the way sales teams learn and are able to deliver a company’s message.

Through transformative video sales training, organizations have reduced expenses associated with traditional, expensive on site sales training, accelerated time to productivity for new hires, improved sales retention of critical information, and ensured consistent message that drives brand reputation and a positive customer experience.