Virtual Sales Coaching Report: How Sales Training Has Changed

New Research Shows How to Coach Effectively When You Can’t Meet In-Person

Are you adapting your coaching to make sure reps can close deals virtually? After all, missing the mark on training means missing revenue targets too. 62% of sales professionals say they’ve lost a sale because they couldn’t meet personally with a buyer.

Allego’s new, independent research reveals the impact of the pandemic on sales coaching. We surveyed sales trainers and their teams and found that while remote coaching poses new challenges, there are tactics teams can use to be even more effective.

Virtual Sales Coaching Report: How Sales Training Has Changed - Inside View

Download this research report to learn:

  • New findings into how onboarding, training, and coaching have changed since going virtual
  • What sales managers, new hires, and veteran reps say about virtual coaching
  • Practical recommendations for adapting coaching to a virtual environment
  • 5 ways to use asynchronous video improve your virtual coaching

Download our new research report to learn how sales training has changed with the boom in virtual sales and how to coach your sellers for success.

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