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3 Reasons Why Your Sales Training Fails To Produce ROI

Today’s sales training and enablement professionals can’t afford to be dismissive of ROI: if your sales training and coaching programs aren’t generating tangible results – in terms of higher revenues, faster ramp-up, shorter sales cycles, etc. – you need to find out why and apply the available fixes. In our experience, there are 3 reasons why sales training programs fail to produce ROI.     Sales managers don’t prioritize training At many organizations, sales managers are under pressure to prioritize immediate, short-term goals over those that are longer term. Because the managers... Continue Reading

Sales Learning: What Do Salespeople Want?

Sales training and enablement teams allocate 90% of sales learning resources to formal training programs that involve flying in geographically distributed reps for marathon PowerPoint presentations. Reps try to cram on product knowledge and sales skills while occasionally staring at the clock thinking about all the business they could be closing if they were out in the field.  Studies show that this approach of banking on formal learning is ineffective because salespeople forget up to 80% of sales training within a month. Not to mention that flying in the entire sales force... Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why Sales Training Often Fails

Before finally inventing the lightbulb, Thomas Edison once said, “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Sales trainers were in a similar boat until recently. After all, many ways exist for a learning program to fail—about as many as the number of individual learners in that program, itself. Even a brilliantly designed and executed one isn’t foolproof. In general, though, program failure is often attributable to one or more of these six causes: Training isn’t the right solution to the problem(s) Sometimes, training is simply the wrong solution... Continue Reading

Personalized Sales Training : A Modern Learning Advantage

Once upon a time, “personalized training” meant printing the names of workshop participants on their handout folders. Today, this key component of modern learning means exactly what it says – sales training that is genuinely personalized, genuinely “just for me.” What are the advantages of personalized sales training? Training tailored to the individual offers two forms of value: It saves time (the sales reps’ time), which also builds trust. They know you won’t bore them with topics that are irrelevant to their jobs and immediate goals. You produce better sales outcomes by... Continue Reading