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October 19, 2018

Memorable sales training drives performance


Organizations need to train their employees all the time, but salespeople too often forget what they learn. Billions of dollars spent on training programs go to waste and work continues as normal. Creating more memorable training programs is a must.

Sales training retention is important for growing a business in an ever-changing environment. By using modern learning practices to keep training front of mind, your salespeople are much more likely to use what they’ve learned and increasing revenue.

Social learning fosters sales team collaboration

A salesperson may not remember a lengthy sales training class because it’s information-dense and also “one-and-done.”  However, he or she remembers social media memes much more easily. Why? Because they’re short, ubiquitous, and easy to find.

In the same way that social media provides ease of access and continuity, sales learning content with social engagement and interactivity keeps training front of mind. It’s not just a five-minute video of a subject matter expert or top salesperson demonstrating a key talk track; It’s that five-minute video that incorporates swarms of questions posted by viewers, subsequent inline discussions and Q&A, and feedback on individual ideas and tactics. This kind of approach—as opposed to “one-and-done” core dumps—promotes active learning where salespeople aren’t just observers; they’re active participants.

Research shows that social interactions make up 20 percent of the learning process. Social learning goes far beyond the single day of training. Discussions about it can last days or weeks, and bring in new ideas and perspectives. Modern learning facilitates and accelerates this process.

Keep it short

People like getting things in bite-sized portions. The days of hour-long, monotonal presentations are over. Research has shown that people will remember the content from a series of four videos that are five minutes long much better than one long 20-minute video.

With modern learning, people have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. They develop competencies by learning concepts that build on each other, one by one.  Short, succinct video content provides a perfect medium for enabling this form of learning.

Portable equals memorable

People love watching video content on mobile devices–everything from “Game of Thrones” binge-watching marathons to Facebook cat videos. Modern learning platforms capitalize on people’s mobile viewing preferences by enabling salespeople to watch binge-worthy video content of successful peers sharing tips and tricks–so they can learn and refresh their skills anywhere and anytime.

They can watch a short video while waiting for a client, over lunch, or at home before dinner. They’re not forced to do it at a specific time when they might be tired or uninclined. They can watch when they’re feeling their best, and that makes the subject matter easier to remember.

Sales organizations prefer modern learning over traditional methods that rely on days-long sessions and death-by-Powerpoint. They learn at their own pace and get the information they need at the moment it’s useful. Modern learning content is portable and digestible enough to view anywhere. For more information on modern learning, read our blog post on 5 Modern Learning Principles that Drive Higher Sales Performance.


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