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best sales enablement platforms
January 24, 2022

Product Marketing Alliance Recommends Allego Sales Enablement Platform

best sales enablement platforms

The Product Marketing Alliance’s annual “best go-to tool guide” is live and Allego’s all-in-one sales enablement platform is among the tools receiving PMA’s seal of approval.

Today’s sales enablement platforms offer the key capabilities for sales success and long-term growth. But with mergers and acquisitions and product announcements, there are now many competing solutions on the market. Choosing the right platform has become more of a challenge.

PMA Pulse 2021 aims to help product marketers—and anyone with a stake in purchasing tools for their company—make educated buying decisions based on the experiences of their peers. Every tool in the guide has been vetted by thousands of product marketers.

The report reviews sales enablement platforms as well as solutions in four other categories: competitive intelligence, project management, customer onboarding, and customer and market research.

Allego is proud to receive PMA’s official stamp of approval on the very best products in the market for product marketers.

Every year, PMA asks product marketers for their go-to tools and whittles down that inventory to a selective shortlist of PMA-approved vendors. The vetting process is thorough. A team of reviewers scours each product’s online presence, positioning, and features; checks out free trials; reads online reviews; and invites providers who made it through the first two rounds to submit an application. In the final stage, PMA representatives compare, contrast, and debate each solution to prepare the ultimate list.

Pulse Recommended 2021 Sales Enablement Solutions

Here’s what PMA said about Allego’s platform:

“Allego’s a modern sales learning and enablement platform that ensures PMMs have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. By combining training, practice, coaching, and knowledge-sharing in one app, companies across industries use Allego to reduce onboarding costs, accelerate time to the first sale for new hires, increase win rates, and ensure reps can collaborate with their peers and share the best practices.”

What does PMA like about Allego?

Allego’s patented technology allows PMMs to provide point-in-time, contextual feedback at a specific location in videos. While other vendors have tried replicating this with feedback “timestamps” that users can click to go to the moment in the referenced video, Allego buyers see this as less valuable. Many buyers cite point-in-time feedback as a key reason they went with Allego.

Allego receives the ultimate thumbs up. The product is thoroughly tried, tested, and recommended by industry experts.

Compared to other sales learning and enablement platforms, Allego enables:

  • Capturing and disseminating organizational knowledge.
  • Learning and coaching optimized for delivery in the flow of work.
  • Driving greater adoption of marketing content by combining with rich knowledge assets.
  • Single integrated platform for supporting all aspects of the enablement function in the sales content management area specifically.

Allego sets itself apart from the competition by:

  • Driving greater adoption of marketing material by combining with contextually rich knowledge assets.
  • Ensuring sellers and buyers are always up-to-date using fast, easy creation of interactive video content with no skills required.
  • Using AI to monitor recorded sales calls to surface hot topics in-market, understand how sellers use content, and recommend content.

Allego Customer Testimonials

“Since we launched Allego into our IGNITE program, we’ve had over 30,000 content views. We could see these students weren’t only watching those videos once or twice; they were watching the videos over and over and over again to ensure that they were really retaining the information they were learning.

“[After adopting Allego,] our pass rate increased from 76%-78% to 83%-85%. Mind you, we had quadrupled the number of individuals that were going through the class. Not only did our pass rates increase, but their test scores also jumped.”

– Jaclyn Smith, Sales Training Manager at AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

“I’ve been using Allego for two years now, but Allego 6 makes it easier than ever before to navigate the platform. I’m currently onboarding a new sales trainer and Allego 6 has made the process so much smoother.

“The minute you open the home screen, tasks, recommendations and notifications are laid out clearly, so you don’t have to go searching for what you need. We’ve also received great feedback from the sales teams and are already seeing better adoption from those who were resistant before.”

– Katie Stocker, Senior Manager of Sales Enhancement at WS Audiology

“After careful technical and functional evaluation, we decided to go with Allego because of its user-friendly interface to create courses and upload content, the ability for it to be implemented rapidly, and specifically the video coaching functionality it offers.”

– Anna Hiett, Global Head of Sales Training at Finastra

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