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Clarabridge, Continuous Coaching for a Global Sales Team

Clarabridge, a SaaS customer experience management solution, sought ways to empower its global sales team and provide continuous coaching.

Like many organizations, Clarabridge rolled out new product messaging during sales kickoff, incurring travel costs and lost selling time when sales reps get pulled from the field. And without reinforcing new learning, leadership could only hope but not be sure that reps could apply what they learned once back in the field.

To reduce costs and improve training effectiveness, Clarabridge rolled out Allego’s sales learning and coaching platform to provide continuous coaching to its global sales team.The SaaS company also used Allego’s video capabilities when onboarding new sales reps, saving $2,000 per rep per year. Watch this video to learn how Clarabridge proceeded to:

  • Level up the skills of its field sales team
  • Develop an acclaimed continuous coaching program
  • Accelerate sales rep onboarding time
  • Share sales rep best practices across the organization

Allego elevates sales performance by combining training, practice, coaching and knowledge sharing into one app, streamlined for the rapid pace of sales. Ready to learn more about Allego?

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