Corporate Visions Drives Content Engagement with Internal Teams and Clients Using Allego

Customer Case Study

Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Company Size: 51-200
Location: Reno, Nevada
Founded: 1984

Corporate Visions is the leading provider of science-backed revenue growth services for B2B sales, marketing, and customer success. Global B2B companies work with Corporate Visions to improve customer conversations by articulating the situational, specific, and systematic value of their products and services.

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Corporate Visions is on a simple mission: to help its customers sell more products and services by giving them state-of-the-art tools for converting prospects into buyers. Of course, what applies to the student also applies to the teacher. To achieve that mission, Corporate Visions must employ many of the same tools to sell its own learning content.

Today, the company uses Allego as a content delivery vehicle for its clients, as well as a sales enablement platform for its own customer-facing teams.

“We have 20 off-the-shelf courses that we need to deliver to our clients on a day-to-day basis,” said Doug Hutton, EVP Customer Experience. “Since we went live with Allego 15 months ago, we’ve had over 10,000-course completions in the platform from our clients across 14,000 unique user enrollees.”

“Since we went live with Allego 15 months ago, we’ve had over 10,000-course completions in the platform from our clients across 14,000 unique user enrollees.”

Doug Hutton | EVP Customer Experience

Retiring a Manual Onboarding Process

Internally, the company used Allego to transform new-hire onboarding from a “very manual” process built on legacy technologies into an efficient, scalable, semi-automated program.

“With new mergers, new companies coming on, new organizations being built in the company, it got very, very difficult to manually onboard people with spreadsheets and sending out links to box videos,” said Eric Nitschke, VP, Commercial Enablement. “Even when I could get somebody to coach, sending things back and forth in email, it just wasn’t scalable, and I was spending all my time explaining things rather than actually adding value.

Once Nitschke built Corporate Visions’ onboarding program in Allego, all that became semi-automated. He was able to spend more time with the sales team and the commercial teams on applying their skills in various situations.

“They were able to do things in Allego, go through courses, go through product learning. They were able to get coached automatically, asynchronously, in the course of doing their jobs. I was able to spend my one-on-one time adding value and helping them apply those skills.”

After revamping the six-week onboarding program for the salesforce, Nitschke repurposed some of the content to provide training to the OM teams, outbound BDRs and inside sellers.

“I was very quickly able to spin up a new onboarding course using content that I already had. As part of our onboarding, these new hires now go through the same skills training that we offer our customers, and we use the Allego coaching modules to coach them up. Our sellers get coached by the same facilitators and consultants that coach our client videos.”

Managing 14,000 Client Enrollees Efficiently

On the customer side, Allego has made it easier for Hutton and Nitschke to manage not only the creation of learning content, but also its distribution to client groups in dozens of different organizations.

“When we work with our clients, we don’t have a nicely put-together list of who is going to be in each group,” said Hutton. “A client might have a group of 100 people, and we don’t know any of them. All we know is that they have 100 people who need access to courses A, B, and C.”

Allego built a self-provisioning learner enrollment front end to solve this problem. Now, Corporate Visions simply creates an enrollment key and assigns that key to the relevant courses. All clients need to do is to send an email. Users can go right to the page, and have all the courses they need.

“This feature enables us to efficiently manage 14,000 enrollees. Because Allego was able to do this for us, we were able to move all our clients to a single platform, saving time for our internal teams, who have to deploy this every single day,” said Nitschke. “If you serve a large number of users and you know some of the groups, but not all, I would absolutely ask your customer success team how you could use this Allego feature.”

Sharing Personalized Content Via Digital Sales Rooms

In addition, Corporate Visions’ customer-facing teams have begun taking advantage of Allego’s digital sales rooms. Designed to bring sales teams and customers together in real time so they can collaborate, engage key decision-makers, and close deals faster, digital sales rooms also provide customers with the level of personalization they’ve come to expect.

“I am a huge fan of digital sales rooms,” said Nitschke. “When we first started our digital sales rooms, I created a few templates for new products because our sellers needed a way to cross-sell and get some information about those products. And they did use those templates. Then they started creating their own. They love the feedback. They love the reporting they’re getting at the backend.

“There are two ways of getting people into a digital sales room. One, you send a link and anybody can visit. Two, you pre-invite somebody. We found that there were five times the number of actual viewers than we were inviting. That means the invitation is being sent around the organization. That means other decision-makers, other stakeholders, really like them.

“Today, our customer success team is using digital sales rooms for relationship management. That wasn’t the original intention, but anything that engages a customer in a positive way is good. If you’re not using digital sales rooms, you absolutely should be.”

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