Case Study

Qventus Rapidly Builds a Modern Sales Onboarding Program Using Allego

Location: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 2012
Employees: 51-200 employees
Industry: Life Sciences

Qventus is a fast-growing company whose mission is to simplify how healthcare operates. Named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health for 2018, the company provides a comprehensive “system of action” that enables hospitals and health systems to optimize patient flow by incorporating modern principles of behavioral, management, and data science.

As its growth accelerated, the demand for the Silicon Valley-based firm’s solutions rapidly outstripped the capacity of its small sales force, pushing it to hire new talent at a much faster rate.

“In the early stages of our company, we never really put together a standard onboarding program,” says Pete Giliberti, Director of Sales Training and Enablement. “It was more baptism by fire.”


The Need for Speed

Giliberti knew he needed a formal training program to quickly onboard a slew of new reps if the company was going to hit its sales goals. And with an almost totally remote workforce, he wanted a platform that would promote communication and collaboration among the reps without requiring them to be in the same location.

He also knew the key to attracting and retaining top talent was to boost engagement among new hires, so it was critical that the onboarding process would introduce them to the Qventus culture and make them feel right at home quickly.

A big part of the challenge was creating the content that was necessary to building a robust onboarding program in the short time that he had to do it.

Qventus’ VP of Sales recommended Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform, and as soon as Giliberti saw its mobile video capabilities he was sold. “I didn’t need to look anywhere else. I’ve never seen that kind of functionality in any other platform,” he says.

By choosing Allego, Giliberti was able to build a high-quality sales training and enablement program almost overnight, creating several courses before he even went through implementation training with Allego’s customer success team. Giliberti quickly saw reduced ramp times as he melded a group of geographically distributed reps into a cohesive team with a strong corporate culture. “There is no way I could’ve built and delivered an onboarding program with such high production value by myself in such a short amount of time without the Allego platform.” he says. “And the program is already proving to be effective: we’ve now got reps reaching a critical milestone in our sales process within the first three months of getting hired. That used to take six months.”

Learning on the Go

“Not only did Allego give us the tools to build and execute a really successful onboarding program for new members of the sales team, but it also gives us the ability to conduct ongoing training, coaching, and deal prep remotely as they continue in their development process,” he adds. “It lets us provide coaching and feedback in real time without having to coordinate schedules where everybody on the team (or on a deal) can get together to review or go through new product training.”

For Qventus, the ability to share knowledge and access content on the go is critical to successful onboarding and continuous learning.

“A lot of times, people want to do dry runs for an important meeting, and it can be really challenging to get the four or five people that should be involved to give that person feedback at a single time. Being able to have a new hire record themselves—which forces them to practice—and then submit on their own time so the rest of the team can provide feedback is hugely important for a geographically dispersed team like ours.”

"There is no way I could’ve built and delivered an onboarding program with such high production value by myself in such a short amount of time without the Allego platform."

Pete Giliberti | Director of Sales Training and Enablement

Democratized Learning Content Creation

Allego’s platform has also proven to be a fast and convenient mechanism for Giliberti— as well as sales reps, marketing professionals, and other employees—to create valuable learning content on the fly. This content is critical for not only sales onboarding, but also for the entire go-to-market organization’s continuous learning and coaching programs. Qventus’ continuous learning and training practices are powered by user-generated content created in Allego. Some of these practices include:

  • Field updates and rapid knowledge sharing. Whenever the sales force needs more information or background on a relevant topic, “I’ll create a quick five- to seven- minute video, and post it to the continuous learning channel,” says Giliberti. “Before our weekly meetings, I usually send an email with links to the new training content so everyone can access the information in Allego. I also use the ability to insert links into the videos that lead to other content, so there are multiple avenues taking reps to the same place.”
  • Sharing best practices. The “sales sandbox” is where team members share their best practices and answer questions. “Someone might come out of a meeting after saying something that worked really well, and they’ll create a quick video. ‘Here’s what I said, why I said it, and how the customer reacted.’ It’s a place where everybody on the team contributes. One of my reps records himself in Allego making cold calls. Other reps get to listen to what he’s saying and what prospects are saying back—which is awesome. And it didn’t require any extra effort. He just hit record and went about doing cold calls for an hour,” Says Giliberti. He can then quickly add quiz questions, interactive prompts, or chapter markers and then place these pieces of content into learning paths or on-demand video channels and playbooks.
  • Point-in-time coaching. “As reps go through onboarding, each one is given their own feedback channel. I have access to it, they have access to it, and their direct manager has access to it. So they receive feedback inline on any recorded exercise videos that they do. At any time, I can go to that channel and look at all the feedback they’ve gotten in order to help managers fine-tune their coaching.”

Using Allego, the company also built a library of learning resources on topics ranging from healthcare operations and technology to meeting preparation. “It’s a one-stop shop for basically any information or tools the sales team needs for a deal,” says Giliberti.

If Giliberti were solely responsible for creating and distributing this content, he would never be able to keep up. “I’m one person. I don’t have a team that’s supporting me and building this. I’m doing all of the onboarding, all of the coaching across the team, and designing, building and delivering the training. Fortunately, Allego is a very easy-to-use tool that’s super intuitive so I can lean on others in the organization to create content. They simply record themselves on sales calls or while prepping for meetings and I can then use that content to show other reps what ‘good’ looks like.”

Strengthening Company Culture and Engagement

To date, Giliberti has seen excellent engagement with Allego among the reps. One new hire said that the Qventus onboarding program was better than his previous company’s—a well-established company with 7,000 employees. In addition to promoting collaboration, Allego has strengthened the company culture. The platform helps new hires feel right at home faster and reassures them that they made a wise choice in joining the company. It also gives Giliberti and other managers more presence with their teams by remotely introducing new hires to their bosses and colleagues before they meet in person. “Salespeople know there’s a certain level of risk involved with joining a smaller company at an early stage of its life cycle. Working with a platform like Allego for onboarding and continuous learning— and seeing the high-quality learning content and programs the platform lets you produce— promotes the idea that they made the right choice to join us. It helps reps feel more comfortable quickly because of the structure and level of professionalism that Allego brings to our onboarding and other learning programs.”

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