“The Content Locker”: Best Practices for Creating Sales Content

Bob Kuberski, Regional Sales Manager at Eaton Vance, redefines Allego’s sales training, learning and coaching platform as a ‘content locker’. In this video, he describes how his sales and leadership teams store various kinds of sales content and information from the ‘platform level to the latest interaction’ with a client.


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Really for me, the content locker concept, and that was just the terminology that I chose to use internally, was really around answering one question, and I was thinking about bringing all the company’s resources to bear on the client interaction.

We have a CRM platform, we have a PDF reader platform. We have things housed in all these different areas. You had this thing called Brainshark, which I think is still around somewhere, where you had some video learning stuff, but you had all these different areas where you housed everything.

And in the real world, again, time is a premium, and my sales people are having five meetings a day in various offices probably like many of yours, and I want to be able to, for them to go to Starbucks for 10 minutes before the meeting and have everything that would prepare them for that next meeting, sort of the cliff notes version.

So, my concept of the content locker was, again, to solve that question, and I just developed what we call channels in Allego where we would house the pertinent information. But I’ll share with you what those channels were, and you can probably easily apply that to your product line and your sales group.

But it started at the highest level with the platform that we were trying to sell to. So in our case, that would be what we call the Broker Dealers or the BDs. Those would be the Merrill Lynches, the Charles Schwabs and Raymond Jameses of the world, so that was our clients. And all those platforms have specific terminology and specific rules around kinda what goes where, and what costs what.

So having that knowledge of that platform, so to steal one of Mark’s terms, you talk like you’re a native so you know the language of the company you’re working with, and there are some very specific ones. So how to do that.

Then competitive analysis. So, I know what my product is and I know it extremely well. But who are my competitors on that platform? Where are my strengths and weaknesses, and then how do I play to my strengths. Knowing that I after I present that product and I know the language of the company and the platform, I know who my competitors are, I play to those strengths.

What’s the feedback or the pushback that I’m gonna get for an advisor in our case? And I call that objections and rebuttals. So, give me, you in the field, all of the hard questions you get, let’s craft the best answer to those. Let’s catalog them in a PDF. But let’s also have a video that is my team practicing taking the best idea to each objection, and providing a video, so I can go watch that.

Then having a pitch by someone, usually our best salesperson on that specific product for everyone to watch, and we said, two to three minutes. You don’t get 15 or 20 or 30 minutes to present anymore. And then the person that was responsible for the platform, so the home office interaction, also providing a video that’s talking about the platform in case you don’t wanna do all the reading, you wanna hear someone say it.

So, each of these things, it was important, you know you have visual learners and you have learners that learn by reading. Well let’s not guess which one you are, let’s give it all to ya, for each of those levels.

And then Allego got really smart in the final piece to tie that together, was tying to the CRM, tying to Salesforce, and me going back and saying, “Okay, the last time I was in a meeting with you, this is what we talked about, anything I need to know about the firm that would be in the notes for either myself or my internal partner.

So I’ve done the homework all the way from the platform level, to the last interaction, and I can tell ya, you can do it in less than 10 minutes using the content locker idea, so that I’m fully prepared to go and have that meeting with that client.

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