New Research: What You Should Know About Working From Home During the Pandemic

Live Webinar | 8.13.20 | 1:00pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has ramped working from home into overdrive. Organizations that considered work from home impossible in February now have completely remote workforces in place. And teams that once relied on in-person meetings are now fully immersed in a virtual world.

At Allego, we wanted to understand the impact of this rapid shift. So, we asked some simple questions: how do employees around the country feel about this new normal? And how are HR teams responding to the needs of their organizations in a radically changed environment?

In this webinar, Wayne St. Amand, Chief Marketing Officer at Allego, will explore exclusive new research from our survey of more than 800 respondents who told us the good, the bad, and the unexpected of their work-from-home experiences.

Join us on Thursday, August 13th at 1:00pm ET to learn: 

  • How working from home has impacted employee satisfaction, productivity, and connectivity
  • Why peer-to-peer collaboration in a work-from-home environment is even more important
  • The key difference between how HR reps and employees perceive the effectiveness of remote Learning & Development efforts
  • How attitudes around working from home have changed since the start of the pandemic—and what that means for the future of shared workspaces

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  • Wayne St. Amand, Chief Marketing Officer, Allego

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