Conversation and Deal Intelligence

Know Where Revenue is Won and Lost

Analyze and understand the reality of every sales call, demo and meeting. Find key moments, remedy mistakes, and improve pipeline.

Sales Conversation Intelligence Software

Power up sales with data-driven insights into seller behavior from every call, demo, and meeting.

Amplify Seller Best Practices
Amplify Seller Best Practices

Sell smarter, spot errors, and uncover missed opportunities

Get Deeper Deal Intelligence
Get Deeper Deal Intelligence

Gain insights unique to your business for data-driven decisions

Understand Buyer Behavior
Understand Buyer Behavior

Replicate what works with buyers to accelerate deals

Amplify Seller Best Practices

Spot mistakes, uncover missed opportunities, and analyze best practices using actual call data to sell smarter.

Review, coach and share the most valuable, revenue defining moments from conversations.
Bolster understanding, spot mistakes, and improve call quality for top performing teams
Share real-time call data and insights to tweak, coach teams, and replicate what you know is effective.

Get Deeper Deal Intelligence

Use the insights unique to your business for data-driven decision making.

Use data to spotlight top performers’ best practices, identify trends, and improve forecasting
Improve business outcomes with AI coaching and experiential learning based on call, market, and deal intelligence
Automate insights and next-best-action recommendations across every recorded call
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Understand Buyer Behavior

Learn how buyers respond to messaging and interact with content to accelerate deals.

Detect sales conversation topics to automate content recommendations for different selling scenarios
Identify successful content for each pipeline stage and buyer type
Fuel content creation and improvement with hot topics, buyer questions, and objections
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See how teams are using Allego to make an impact

In a 7 week period, we added an additional 11 sales per day to the bottom line. Allego has helped us to measure and track this metric. Before, we could spend weeks trying to do this, but there would have been no way to know.

Ethan-Jak Anderson Sales Performance Coach / Arco

With Allego, I can see what works. I can see it and track it. Then I can present it in coaching, which is so powerful.

Ethan-Jak Anderson Sales Performance Coach / Arco

Day-to-day, there is no better way to capture competitive intelligence, positioning, and feedback than listening to a call and analyzing the data. I can search actual data to handle all of the different scenarios we encounter and I can actively coach the team based on that data.

Sales Enablement Manager / Agorapulse

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