The 5.0 release marks Allego’s biggest offering yet for admins, managers, trainers and enablement professionals.

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Video Sales Coaching and Practice Helps Reps Avoid ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Moments

If you’re an experienced sales manager, you’ve probably witnessed a “cringe-worthy” sales moment. Your waking nightmare may have occurred during a ride-along when a newly-minted rep fumbled a presentation, mixed up product lines or froze in panic when a customer asked a tough question. As you sat there trying to smile, you may have suddenly realized that your onboarding and coaching processes were inadequate. After all, this rep was so unprepared that they just practiced on a live customer! You may have also realized that no amount of coaching would prevent a... Continue Reading

Why Video Sales Coaching is a Better Option

In Part I of this series, we examined why traditional sales coaching often fails: because many managers struggle with it. This article focuses on why remote sales coaching systems are a better option for reps as well. Modern Sales Learning and Coaching Tools Are More Flexible Flexibility is the first – and perhaps greatest – advantage of using a modern sales learning and coaching tool. Managers interact with each team member up to four times more than they could relying solely on ride alongs.  If a rep selling into a given vertical... Continue Reading

Allego 5.0: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Training and Enablement Teams

The 5.0 release marks Allego’s biggest offering yet for admins, managers, trainers and enablement professionals.  Allego’s best-in-class user experience for sales reps in the field is now complemented by an equally great experience for the people supporting them.  These advancements bolster Allego courses and curriculum learning and now empower organizations to incorporate modern learning practices into all of their training programs. New customizable dashboards provide greater visibility into competency levels and engagement across individuals and teams.  Now, senior leaders, managers and trainers get a single screen to quickly view key stats for... Continue Reading

Who’s Coaching the Coaches: Why Sales Leadership Training Often Fails?

Even the most talented coaches can benefit from more – or better – training. Sales Coaching : Talking the Talk Research shows that the quality and quantity of coaching has a profound impact on sales performance. A CEB study of over 2,000 sales managers found that going from low- to high-quality coaching improved sales performance by 17%. In terms of quantity, reps who receive significant amounts of coaching outperform those who don’t receive any coaching by 19%. The vast majority of sales managers and senior executives identify coaching as an important function... Continue Reading