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How to Fortify Compliance in Financial Services [Case Study]

Allego gives financial services firms unprecedented visibility into what their salespeople say in the field. The resulting improvements to customer conversations have major implications for enhancing revenue performance.  However, the window they gain into whether or not those conversations are compliant is equally valuable. Background Founded in the early 20th century, this firm is one of the oldest asset management companies in the world. With rapidly changing financial markets, they sought a platform to disseminate time-sensitive, critical information to their geographically distributed sales organization in the form of easy-to-create videos. Specifically, the... Continue Reading

Managers and Reps Disagree On Value of Current Coaching Efforts

Sales coaching is a hot topic these days.  Everyone wants to coach–and do it well–but Allego’s “State of Coaching 2019” survey uncovered a major disconnect between how sales managers and reps view the quality and impact sales coaching. In the poll of nearly 300 managers and salespeople, coaches give themselves higher marks for improving reps’ results and skills than salespeople. For example, the vast majority of managers believe their coaching has a positive impact on their teams’ results, but only two-thirds of reps believe this is true–a significant misalignment of views. Misalignment... Continue Reading

5 Tips for Users Generating Content

Video doesn’t need to meet the production standards of Hollywood filmmakers to be an effective learning and communications tool. Above all, content is king, and salespeople willingly trade production quality for user-generated video because it gives them timely nuggets of wisdom articulated by peers and trusted experts at their company. That said, if the quality of a mobile video is poor—if it looks like you’re having a conversation during an earthquake or while your hair is catching on fire—it distracts the audience. Fortunately, given our smartphones’ near professional quality cameras nowadays, we... Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why Sales Training Often Fails

Before finally inventing the lightbulb, Thomas Edison once said, “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Sales trainers were in a similar boat until recently. After all, many ways exist for a learning program to fail—about as many as the number of individual learners in that program, itself. Even a brilliantly designed and executed one isn’t foolproof. In general, though, program failure is often attributable to one or more of these six causes: Training isn’t the right solution to the problem(s) Sometimes, training is simply the wrong solution... Continue Reading