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2 Proven Strategies for Duplicating Your High Sales Performers

Business Professionals Talking in the Hallway
Today’s post is by Colleen Stanley, President of SalesLeadership, a sales development firm. She is the creator of the Ei Selling System®, a powerful sales and management training program that integrates emotional intelligence skills with consultative selling skills. She is the author of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in six languages, and Growing Great Sales Teams. SalesForce recently named Colleen as one of the top sales influencers of the 21st century. She’s also been named one of the Top 50 Keynote Speakers and one of the Top 30 Sales Gurus for 2019. Sales... Continue Reading

4 Steps to Measure the ROI of Informal Learning

Sales Reps Engaged in Dynamic Conversation
As a manager, you may be missing out on one of the most valuable training tools: the interactions your salespeople are having. You can’t be with your sales team every hour of the day, but you know they interact all the time. The phone calls, text messages, IMs, and emails they send each other when they’re stuck and need help. They talk between appointments and sales calls, on the road and in person. You might think they’re talking about last night’s game or an upcoming vacation, but mostly they talk about work.... Continue Reading

To Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Learning, Trainers Must Sometimes Step Aside

Peer-to-Peer Learning
It’s time for all of us who no longer spend our day in “the arena” cold calling prospects and venturing out on sales calls to accept a reality: when it comes to sales readiness, no sales trainer or enablement professional can command the same level of engagement among an audience of salespeople as a rep can. It just won’t happen, even if the trainer is a former salesperson. Case in point: at a recent company event, two speakers were featured. The first was an ex-salesperson who is now a product marketing leader... Continue Reading

3 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

Today’s post is by Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego.  “If only we had 10 more reps like [top performer], we’d blow our competition out of the water.” A common refrain among sales managers, this implies that selling is more magic trick than science, and that great salespeople are born, not made. Of course, most of us know this isn’t true. Cloning 10 copies of a great sales rep would merely produce 10 look-alikes who might (or might not) have a lick of talent. Because knowledge and skills are not... Continue Reading