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Helping Sales Teams ‘Get Their Stories Straight’

This blog is written by Bobby Negron, a member of Allego’s award-winning Customer Success team.  Consistent messaging is a must for optimizing sales. However, it’s also one of those goals that’s easy to set, but not so easy to achieve. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of sales teams struggle to speak the same language when it comes to their products—to get their stories straight and keep them straight. Here’s where sales learning and coaching platforms help. Easy-to-find Sales Learning Content When you’re onboarding new reps, one of the biggest challenges is getting... Continue Reading

Sales Onboarding Certifications for Better Customer Conversations

You’d never send a rookie baseball player out onto the field without sizing up their game using team drills and scrimmages. In the same way, you don’t want to wait until after sales onboarding when a new batch of reps are already out in the field putting up low win rates and discounting heavily before you assess their ability to handle key components of customer conversations. By then, you’re already losing deals. Sales certification should play a critical role in the onboarding process, and modern learning tools empower sales enablement and training... Continue Reading

Sales Onboarding Content that Cuts Ramp Time in Half

What if you could reduce sales onboarding time while increasing its effectiveness? How much better would the training experience be, and how much would it add to your bottom line? Onboarding design and implementation is classic sales enablement.  But sales organizations onboard new employees differently now than they did just five years ago. Back then, lengthy in-person ‘firehose’ training sessions were the norm; today, learners require a more personalized approach that’s easily consumable at any time or location.   To meet today’s needs, modern sales onboarding enlists top performers, subject matter experts, managers,... Continue Reading

How to Get Rock Star Sales Reps to Train Their Peers

Whether we like to admit it or not, watching reality TV competitions can be addictive. Shows like “The Voice” or “Chopped” put up some of the biggest numbers when it comes to ratings and viewership because it’s fun to get a candid glimpse into how the best and the brightest do what they do. Similarly, candid videos that show off the best work by our most talented colleagues are fun to watch, too (and fun for them to create). And they provide a powerful means to teach skills… including sales skills. That’s... Continue Reading