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3 Ways Banks Can Ramp Up New Advisors

The banking industry is in flux. As one of many sectors disrupted by new technology, banks face changing business models, security threats, new competitors, and regulatory pressures. The good news is that retail and commercial banks can harness this disruptive technology to thrive in a new environment. See our learning and readiness platform in action at the BISA Technology Innovation Lab, Great Hall Foyer, Thursday, March 5 at 11:15-11:25 AM Competing for Customers and Employees Digital has changed the way we bank and the way we work, shop, play, and more. Two... Continue Reading

How (and Why) to Speak Your Customer’s Language

Speaking the same language
Understanding your customer’s wants, needs, challenges and objectives is one of the most important factors in selling success. I learned this as a young salesperson, when one of my sales conversations unexpectedly went awry. It was one of the most important lessons about selling in my 30-year career. That day, I really wanted to impress a potentially big customer. I succeeded in convincing my manager to approve a crazy low price, so low that my company wouldn’t be making any profit. I proudly approached the customer and announced that I could offer... Continue Reading

Top 5 Sales Conferences You Should Attend in 2020

Busy Sales Conference
Are you ready for your best year yet? The selling process, especially in B2B, is complex. Knowledgeable buyers and sophisticated solutions have made the job of a salesperson more demanding. Staying up to date in an era of change means that you must continuously refine your sales practice. This takes preparation, collaboration, and adoption of best practices. Attending conferences is one great way to keep your skills sharp and share intel with peers and industry influencers. At Allego, getting to meet prospects and customers face-to-face at events is one of the highlights... Continue Reading

How to Leverage New Learning Channels for Client-Facing Professionals

Asset management firms face some of their toughest challenges in decades, with historically low interest rates, regulatory uncertainty, product proliferation (including ETFs) and increasingly knowledgeable clients. It’s more difficult than ever for client-facing teams to articulate their value and differentiate their products. They need new tools to stay in the game. Modern mobile and video technology offer a way around these hazards. The flexibility and convenience of mobile can help client-facing teams enhance current relationships, find new opportunities, cross-sell more effectively and uncover new clients. Using mobile also allows these high value... Continue Reading