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4 Tech Tips to Improve Onboarding Efficiency

A good onboarding program ensures that sales reps receive the knowledge, skills and process expertise they need to succeed. It can also help to attract and retain top sales talent. In a recent webinar discussing SiriusDecision’s new onboarding survey, almost 50% of experienced high performers said the presence of a formal onboarding program positively influenced their decision to join a new company. Unfortunately, that same survey also found that many companies allot relatively little time for onboarding. Seventeen percent expect new hires to engage with buyers on Day 1, while another 21%... Continue Reading

Sales Onboarding: What ‘Good’ (and Fast) Looks Like

There’s an old saying in software development: “You can have it fast, good or cheap. Pick two.” When it comes to sales onboarding, however, savvy managers can have all three (assuming we substitute cheaper for cheap) using “just-in-time” learning. The Problem with Buying vs. Building  In the old days, companies like Proctor & Gamble and Xerox hired new college grads, teaching them everything they needed to know about sales over the course of six months. Six months of purely sales training before they were expected to be competent! Today, that kind of... Continue Reading

Provoke Deliberate Sales Practice with Mobile Technology

“Winging it” won’t cut it in today’s competitive selling environment.  Sales managers and enablement pros need to spur reps to practice on their own before getting in front of customers so they articulate the message properly and win more. Geoffrey Colvin, in his article “What it takes to be great” in Fortune Magazine, posits that “natural talent is irrelevant to great success…The best people in any field are those who devote the most hours to what researchers call deliberate practice.” Deliberate practice is focused. You set a goal and you work toward... Continue Reading

What you Missed at Allego’s Sales Success Summit (S3) 2018

On April 31st – May 1st, Allego held its second annual Sales Success Summit (S3) customer conference at the Revere Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Allego customers and partners came from all over the country to share ideas on how to best train and enable their sales teams. Setting the scene The theme of this year’s Summit was revolution, mirroring what experts see as an impending revolution in sales learning as individuals and organizations adapt to the technology era. This made the Revere Hotel a perfect fit for the S3 Conference with its... Continue Reading