Cruise to New Heights With Modern Revenue Enablement

Equipping the Aviation, Cruise Line, and Automotive industries with the skills, content and competitive edge that elevates the customer experience. Explore the Digital Sales Room (DSR) to learn more.

Elevate Service & Enablement


Lift skills & enhance the guest experience using experiential video practice & AI simulations


Always-on access to content, best practices, & timely alerts from any device, anywhere, online or offline


Increase employee efficiencies with generativeAI search that surfaces critical information & content that supports their moment of need


Create personalized digital rooms to elevate the guest experience during the booking, pre-travel & travel adventure

Form a Top-Tier Team

Prepare agents, crews, and operational teams with instant access to content to help navigate challenging client interactions.

Evaluate proficiency and enhance specialized skills
Encourage knowledge sharing that replicates success
Equip managers and employees with constant access to interactive content and AR training simulations

Training that Takes You the Extra Mile

Retain and uplift top talent with digital-first onboarding, everboarding, and coaching for prolonged success.

Standardize and streamline onboarding across varied roles and dispersed teams
Foster a culture of teamwork and learning that attracts a tech-savvy crew
Utilize data-driven feedback to assess the efficacy of content and training for for constant improvement

Timely Content & Communications

Prepare teams with timely content and video announcements amidst constantly evolving environments

Streamline operations with executive and manager communications
Provide crews with tools to capture and disseminate knowledge that propels business outcomes
Deliver interactive, journey-specific content to enrich every phase of the client journey
Allego Sales Enablement Software on an iPad

Engage Modern Travelers

Enable sellers to offer virtual booking and travel experiences that engage and win clients

Display Augmented Reality, 360 views, and expansive images to help clients visualize their travel experience
Initiate secure digital rooms to collaborate with clients during the reservation process and travel experience
Gain a comprehensive view of the traveler's journey and understand how your content influences each phase

In a given customer interaction, when a customer asks me for a document, all I have to do is login to Allego, search for it, and share it right from there.

Emily Burakiewicz Clinical Education Specialist / Signia

I watched those Allego videos over and over again, and I really felt like I could get out there and sell based on what you showed us.

Contract Sales Rep / Lifescan

Your ramp-to-revenue opportunity can definitely be shortened with the use of Allego. And I definitely have seen that unfold. I think people are a lot more ready for the world after going through training now with Allego versus before.

Emily Mason Senior Learning Strategist / ResMed

The way we needed to train people, and the way they needed to learn, was changing. We have a heavy reliance on distributor partners all over the country. And we had a team of one trainer. We needed a way to get our message out effectively, but we had no budget. We had no bandwidth. Our morale was dipping. So we brought on Allego.

Tania Babineau Sr. Manager of Sales, Training and Education for Bracing and Support / Enovis

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