Engage Today’s B2B Buyer

Create the Virtual Sales Experience Buyers Crave

Deliver customized and convenient experiences that differentiate you from the pack and shorten sales cycles

Engage Buyers and Close Deals Virtually

Equip sellers with the right learning and sales content for success on today’s complex B2B buying journey.

Prospect & Sell Virtually
Prospect & Sell Virtually

Empower sellers to engage today's B2B buyers online or in person

Create Digital Buyer Experiences
Create Digital Buyer Experiences

Deliver compelling customized experiences that sellers and buyers prefer

Capture Conversation Intelligence
Capture Conversation Intelligence

Power up sales with insights from actual buyer conversations

Prospect & Sell Virtually

Empower your sellers to deliver a modern buying experience that keeps them in the driver’s seat.

Get buyer intent signals and build relationships with one-to-one communications at scale.
Delight buyers with digital sales rooms featuring customized content collections.
Equip sellers to differentiate, collaborate, and accelerate with AI-powered insights.

Create Digital Buyer Experiences

Deliver highly customized experiences and content that both B2B sellers and buyers prefer.

Deploy digital sales rooms where sellers and buyers can communicate, share content, and align
Share key content such as personalized video messages, meeting recordings, sales presentations, brochures, proposals and more
Eliminate guesswork with user-friendly analytics to help sellers understand buyer engagement
peer-to-peer sharing cell phone

Capture Sales Conversation Intelligence

Power up sales with data-driven insights into buyer behavior from actual conversations.

Sell smarter with customer conversations, call feedback, and automated post-call follow up
Get practical insights to improve call quality, scale coaching with AI, and create top performing teams
Learn how buyers respond to messaging and interact with content to accelerate deals

See how teams are using Allego to make an impact.

One of the challenges of virtual selling these days is not being able to be in front of people and make that difference. We're proving that using this tool and using that capability is giving us an edge.

Matt Miersen Senior Manager Americas, Sales Enablement / Veritas

In a 7 week period, we added an additional 11 sales per day to the bottom line. Allego has helped us to measure and track this metric. Before, we could spend weeks trying to do this, but there would have been no way to know.

Ethan-Jak Anderson Sales Performance Coach / Arco

In this digital age, it's difficult to build up trust and credibility. Using Allego for virtual selling has set our reps up for success in separating themselves from the competition.

Anne Lindley Kumlin Sr. Director, Customer Care / DJO

Anyone can write a thank-you note, but when we send a video, we make a memory for those people. That builds a relationship faster than anything else that we can do.

Mike McGlothlin Executive Vice President of Retirement / Ash Brokerage

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