Sales and Marketing Content Management

Organize and Deploy Your Best Content. Every Time.

Manage, track, and scale content and messaging with an intuitive, AI-driven platform built for hybrid sales teams.

Equip Sellers to Solve Buyer Challenges

Empower your sales team with the content they need to sell more confidently, efficiently, and effectively.

Distribute Sales Content
Distribute Sales Content

Equip sellers with high-impact content for every buyer interaction

Activate Sales Content
Activate Sales Content

Give sellers the context they need to use every asset wisely and accelerate sales

Maximize Sales Content
Maximize Sales Content

Track usage, increase adoption, enhance content effectiveness, and tie content to revenue

Organize Sales Content For Ease of Access

Create, deploy, and track marketing collateral, training material, and sales enablement assets from any location.

Centralize and update training, coaching, onboarding, sales, and marketing content quickly and easily
Make materials easy to find and share—internally and externally
See engagement insights to maximize use, refine messaging, and boost productivity
Reviewing content inside of the Allego app on an iPad

Distribute Sales Content to Boost Adoption

Equip sellers with the most up-to-date and relevant content for every selling situation

Deliver the information sellers need, when they need it with AI recommendations
Ensure consistent on-brand, compliant content use and product messaging
Allow sellers to personalize buyer interactions and deliver more value with each sales conversation
Allego Sales Content Management inside Salesforce

Activate Sales Content to Accelerate Sales

Support sellers with the purpose and correct use every piece of collateral

Give sellers the context, tools and templates they need to personalize documents and messaging at every selling stage
Capture content delivery examples, win stories and talk tracks from the field to empower reps with seller-friendly guidance about content
Improve marketing and sales effectiveness with content usage, buyer engagement, and training analytics
Allego Deal Intelligence

Maximize Content Impact

Improve visibility into content effectiveness to increase adoption and impact

Measure seller and buyer engagement with content to inform next-best actions and understand impact on revenue
Track seller and buyer activities to see which collateral is working and which isn’t
Gain visibility into content usage to iterate and improve messaging effectiveness
seamlessly integrate Allego and Salesforce into your tech stack

See how teams are using Allego Sales Content Management to make an impact

What I really like about Allego is that we now surface the right content at the right stage of the process within Salesforce, featuring explainer video context so reps know how to deploy it properly.

Mathew Hill Senior Director, Head of Global Enablement / Wind River

With Allego, we now have on-demand ability for reps struggling with an objection to immediately locate four or five ways to overcome it.

Rhonda Rockwell Director of Sales / Strategic Financial Solutions

Now we have one central location for our sellers to find approved collateral, plus we have engagement metrics to see how that content is being used and how customers are engaging with it. This feedback helps us continually improve our messaging and sales motion.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director of Enablement / Tripadvisor

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