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Deliver Onboarding & Training That Sellers Love

Drive business impact by delivering collaborative learning & reinforcement in the flow of work.

Deliver Competence and Confidence

Increase new hire engagement and long-term success with personalized, interactive training at scale.

Reinforce Training for Long-Term Success
Reinforce Training for Long-Term Success

Maximize engagement, knowledge retention, and skills proficiency

Streamline Onboarding for Faster Results
Streamline Onboarding for Faster Results

Build rep fluency and shorten ramp-to-revenue time

Gain Visibility into Sales Readiness
Gain Visibility into Sales Readiness

Track skills proficiency with AI-powered analytics

Unlock Higher Engagement for Accelerated Results

Empower new sellers with end-to-end learning that bridges the gap from training to execution.

Engage new hires quickly and develop critical skills faster
Reduce time to productivity and close skill gaps with targeted training
Deploy, manage, and scale onboarding from any location
Employee onboarding

Reinforce Training for Long-Term Success

Boost engagement and reduce training time using peer-generated content, live training prep, and ongoing AI reinforcement

Increase seller engagement and skill development with interactive exercises that promote continuous learning.
Ensure message consistency using virtual or in-person certifications, simulated objection handling, and peer best practice libraries
Deliver actionable learning at the moment of need using AI recommendations
Employee Training

Streamline Onboarding for Faster Results

Improve new hire proficiency with peer-generated best practices, data-driven skills development, and AI reinforcement

Leverage customizable scorecards and skills frameworks to increase knowledge retention
Enable new hires with simulated conversations and experiential exercises before engaging live prospects
Foster compliance and certification to maximize learning and minimize risk

Gain Greater Visibility Into Competitive Readiness

Increase seller engagement and maximize training effectiveness with AI-powered analytics.

Track seller skills mastery, progress, and competencies to train more efficiently
Increase insight into the training your team needs and individual strengths and weaknesses
Monitor success of virtual, hybrid, or in-person events to pinpoint and address skill gaps
Confident Sales Rep

From the first day that they start with AssetMark, we’re starting that virtual portfolio for them. Managers can easily log in and check on their progress, see how they’re doing in onboarding, and how they’re performing. Sales employees are able to really get engaged with the platform in a really simple and easy way.

Elyssa Douglass Sales Training Specialist / AssetMark

Since we launched Allego, we’ve had over 30,000 content views. We could see these students were not only watching those videos once or twice; they were watching the videos over and over and over again to ensure that they were retaining the information.

Jaclyn Smith Sales Training Manager / Amerisave

Allego changed everything. We were able to take all of the study aids and content that we had printed and build it into pre-recorded videos that trainees could watch on their own time from any device. This process was incredibly easy using Allego.

Jaclyn Smith Sales Training Manager / Amerisave

We’ve had tremendous success with Allego during the first twelve months in terms of cost-savings, sales effectiveness, and scalability. There’s so much you can do with the platform. We’re very proud of all we’ve achieved in a relatively short time and are very excited about the future.

Anna Hiett Global Head of Sales Training / Finastra

Your ramp-to-revenue opportunity can definitely be shortened with the use of Allego. And I definitely have seen that unfold. I think people are a lot more ready for the world after going through training now with Allego versus before.

Emily Mason Senior Learning Strategist / ResMed

People feel confident in what they're learning, and also that learning was personalized for them. They have heard that our onboarding program is the best in the business. People are excited to have it, and the tool really supports them.

Makenzie Van Eyk Manager of Sales Learning & Development / eSentire

I was very quickly able to spin up a new onboarding course using content that I already had. These new hires now go through the same skills training that we offer our customers, and we use the Allego coaching modules to coach them up.

Eric Nitschke VP, Commercial Enablement / Corporate Visions

We had a 15% savings on the onboarding experience and getting our employees up to speed and ready to go to market.

Rhonda Rockwell Director of Sales, Strategic Financial Solutions / Strategic Financial Solutions

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