Virtual Sales Enablement

Empower Sellers to Master Virtual Selling

Equip sellers with the right tools and tactics to prospect and sell virtually.

Engage Buyers and Close Deals Virtually

Empower your sellers to deliver a modern buying experience that keeps them in the driver’s seat and maintains the human-to-human connection.

Share and Track Content

Equip reps with “best bet” recommendations at each deal stage with supporting explainer videos for context
Share content with buyers right from email, CRMs and social sites and track how they engage in real time
Move deals through pipeline using trackable email and browser plugins that automatically tie to CRM
Allego 6 Home Screen

Customize Buyer Experiences

Empower sellers to guide buyers through relevant experiences based on marketing’s recommendations
Increase response rates by empowering sellers to create and share video messages with buyers
Drive higher engagement with augmented reality, 360-degree product views, digital content collections, meeting recordings, sales presentations, brochures, and proposals
One Touch Video Insight Capture

Accelerate Virtual Sales

Create convenient and personal experiences that nurture prospects and accelerate deals.
Automate insights and next-best-action recommendations across every recorded call
Refine tactics using internal collaborative team channels and insights from AI-powered conversation intelligence
Call Coaching

See how teams are using Allego to make an impact

Allego is flexible allowing you to create varied learning paths and display featured content with an adjustable look and feel.

Anonymous / RAIN Group

One of the most useful aspects of using Allego for virtual selling is that our reps can track who among their clients have engaged with the content they share. This allows them to prioritize follow up much more effectively.

Jeff Lovanio Head of Learning & Development / Voya

In a given customer interaction, when a customer asks me for a document, all I have to do is login to Allego, search for it, and share it right from there.

Emily Burakiewicz Clinical Education Specialist / Signia

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