Virtual Collaboration for Sales

Keep Hybrid Teams on the Winning Track

Enable maximum productivity, enhance learning, and improve teamwork with virtual collaboration

Boost Sales Team Collaboration and Connectedness

Provide rich and engaging collaboration, learning, and discussions for your hybrid teams.

Enable Asynchronous Video Communication
Enable Asynchronous Video Communication

Facilitate collaboration between managers, reps, and subject matter experts in any time zone.

Drive Peer-to-Peer Learning
Drive Peer-to-Peer Learning

Give your reps the power to share win stories, competitive intel, and insider tactics on any device.

Share Critical Updates Virtually
Share Critical Updates Virtually

Keep hybrid sales teams up to date on high-priority market changes, product updates, and product messaging.

Enable Asynchronous Video Communication

Extend collaboration beyond meetings by leveraging asynchronous video communication.
Overcome time, scheduling, and distance barriers with point-in-time video feedback and discussions.
Certify sellers using interactive video pitch certifications and simulations.

Drive Peer-to-Peer Learning

Capture sales call best practices and share them across teams.
Share peer-to-peer insights and market intelligence.
Practice, test, and reinforce messaging from any location.

Share Critical Updates Virtually

Increase and improve communication from leadership using collaborative video messaging.
Record and share project updates, feedback, presentations, or segments of training courses.
See exactly who watched video updates–and who didn’t.
Reviewing content inside of the Allego app on an iPad

See how teams use Allego to make an impact

It’s clear that just the process of recording these videos helped everyone because it forced them to reflect on core meeting skills and why there’s always room to improve.

Andrew Resnik Divisional Vice President / Global Atlantic Financial Group

We were looking for a platform that was going to help us coach and get critical knowledge out to our salespeople quickly. There are lots of readiness platforms that can be used for a bit of coaching, but it isn’t their core capability. Allego is specifically designed for coaching, and it has functionality that isn’t available in any other tool.

Graeme Mckenzie Global Sales Enablement Director / SoftwareAG

From the first day that they start with AssetMark, we’re starting that virtual portfolio for them. Managers can easily log in and check on their progress, see how they’re doing in onboarding, and how they’re performing. Sales employees are able to really get engaged with the platform in a really simple and easy way.

Elyssa Douglass Sales Training Specialist / AssetMark

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See how you can use asynchronous video communication to collaborate virtually across hybrid teams.

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