Sales Content Solutions

Organize and Activate Content. Delight Your Buyers.

Give sellers easy access to content and knowledge in the moment of need

Prep Sellers to Solve Buyer Challenges

Empower your sales team with the content they need to sell more confidently, efficiently, and effectively.

Manage Sales & Marketing Content

Sync and maintain sales content easily without disrupting existing workflows
Guide sellers and make materials easy to find and share—internally and externally
Uncover engagement insights to create more deal-winning content
Reviewing content inside of the Allego app on an iPad

Launch Products & Processes

Create new product training courses aligned to the sales cycle
Organize and deploy product knowledge, messaging and content
Reinforce learning and ensure company-wide compliance

Activate Channel Sellers

Increase channel revenue by empowering sellers to sell effectively
Equip sellers with content, best practices, and market intel at the moment-of-need
Reinforce product knowledge and engage channel sellers with AI-powered learning

What really impressed me about Allego is that they’re constantly looking to innovate. So we doubled down with Allego because we felt it served our purpose from a learning platform basis, from a coaching platform basis, and now from a content basis.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director of Enablement / Tripadvisor

We loaded 1,200 pieces of content to create this really dynamic mobile engagement and sales library that’s customized to individual business user groups. They only see what they need to see, when they need to see it. It’s on-demand with full search features.

Tim Kingsford Senior Manager of Learning Innovations and Operations / Baxter

Allego really allowed us to transform how we go to market, reinvigorate our sales force, drive this higher ASP product in a commodity market, take market share from a competitor, and then ultimately grow the business. Allego has been a great solution to meet the needs that we had, with the challenges we faced.

Anne Lindley Director, Bracing and Support Sales Training / DJO

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