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The Digital Sales Revolution Is Here.

As the first-ever book on this groundbreaking topic, Digital Sales Revolution empowers CROs, CMOs, and sales enablement leaders with proven strategies to harness digital sales rooms, engage more prospects faster, and reduce costs. Elevate your sales with the insights in this must-read book on Selling Power’s 2024 Highly Recommended list.

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What You Will Learn

Stay Ahead of Future Trends

Stay ahead with a keen understanding of the future of digital sales and the evolving B2B landscape.

Drive More Sales with a Personal Touch

Embrace the secrets to creating a customer experience that feels intimately personal with digital sales rooms.

Engage the Invisible Buyer

Learn to identify and engage buyers who research behind the scenes, shaping decisions early on for better outcomes.

Accelerate Deals with Tailored Interactions

Discover the strategy to construct tailored buyer experiences in digital sales rooms that speed up the sales cycle.

Transform Data into Sales Success

Capitalize on the analytic capabilities of digital sales rooms to fine-tune your sales approach, making every interaction count.

Meet the Authors

Yuchun Lee

Yuchun Lee is a seasoned software executive and former member of the MIT Blackjack Team, depicted in the film 21. He co-founded Unica, a marketing automation company acquired by IBM, and served as CEO of Clarabridge, which was sold to Qualtrics. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of Allego, a top learning and sales enablement platform for B2B sales teams.

Mark Magnacca

Mark Magnacca has a proven track record of bringing ideas to life. He started and sold a financial planning company, then founded a sales consulting business for financial services companies undergoing digital transformation. He authored "So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience" and "The Product is YOU!" Mark is now the co-founder and president of Allego.

Andre Black

Andre Black is a seasoned software innovator and user experience expert. As former Chief Creative Officer at Medullan, he led UX projects for clients like Aetna and Verizon. Previously, he was Director of Product Management at Unica. He co-founded at Cornell, which was acquired by Microsoft. Andre is now Chief Product Officer at Allego, driving innovation and product strategy.

Ruby Kennedy

Ruby Kennedy, an MIT alum with a dual BS/MS in Computer Science, co-founded Unica Technologies, Inc., in 1993 alongside Yuchun Lee, where she served key roles in consulting services and product management. She currently serves as a Product Manager at Allego.

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