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Empowering Professional Services firms to meet and exceed their complex demands through strategic opportunities and operational excellence.

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See how Corporate Visions simplified the creation and distribution of learning and client-facing content.

Increase Efficiency & Maximize Sales Impact

In the fast-paced world of professional services, the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and client support teams are crucial. Explore how our targeted sales enablement and client engagement solutions can elevate your teams’ performance and help you grow your business effectively.

Drive Performance

Accelerate Client Onboarding
Accelerate Client Onboarding

Decrease the ramp-up time for new clients with streamlined processes and targeted learning paths.

Empower Sellers
Empower Sellers

From onboarding to ongoing skill enhancement, ensure your team is always at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practices.

Increase Service Efficiency
Increase Service Efficiency

Optimize your team's performance with our AI-driven insights, helping you make informed decisions that enhance service delivery.

Enhance Client Retention
Enhance Client Retention

Leverage detailed analytics and tailored content to understand client needs better and foster long-lasting relationships.

Build a High-Performing Team

Practice and Certification: Standardize excellence across your team with ‘Stand and Deliver’ scenarios and certifications.
Moment-of-Need Learning: Provide immediate, actionable insights at the point of need to boost on-the-spot decision-making.
Real-Time Feedback: Implement instant feedback systems to quickly guide and correct team actions, enhancing learning outcomes and operational efficiency.
Customizable Learning Modules: Tailor training materials to the specific needs of your team, ensuring relevance and maximizing engagement.

Forge Strong Client Relationships

Client-Facing Video Content and DSRs: Engage clients with high-quality video content that explains complex solutions with ease.
Conversation Analytics: Gain insights into customer interactions to continually refine techniques and strategies.
Fast Client Outcome Delivery: Quickly deliver results, improving client satisfaction and trust.
Robust Compliance and Security: Adhere to the highest standards of security and regulatory requirements, essential for professional services firms.

Improve Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Mobile Accessibility: Allow your team to learn and access crucial sales materials anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and productivity.
Best Practice Sharing: Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement with tools that facilitate knowledge sharing across teams.
Integrated Tools: Ensure alignment across your client-facing teams with tools that streamline communication and unify strategies.
Digital Sales Rooms: Create digital spaces for secure and effective client meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions, enhancing client engagement without the need for physical travel.

Achieve Operational Excellence with AI

AI-Powered Recommendations: Utilize AI to provide personalized content and training recommendations based on individual performance analytics and learning patterns.
Search: Make it easy for agents to tap into internal knowledge and best practices with generative AI search, which delivers instant answers that reveal insights from content, subject matter experts, and learning materials.
Translate Languages: Break down global barriers with AI translation that transforms video messages into different languages.

See How Professional Services Teams Succeed With Allego

Allego is flexible allowing you to create varied learning paths and display featured content with an adjustable look and feel.

Anonymous / RAIN Group

John Richardson, Director at ExP Recruitment shares how his team have been able to unlock what top billers in the team do differently, using Allego Conversation Intelligence. Removing the need to manually listen to each and every call has enabled ExP to find key moments to replicate across the team, leading to better performance and more placements.

John Richardson Director of Sales / ExP Recruitment

I was very quickly able to spin up a new onboarding course using content that I already had. These new hires now go through the same skills training that we offer our customers, and we use the Allego coaching modules to coach them up.

Eric Nitschke VP, Commercial Enablement / Corporate Visions

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