Allego is derived from the word Allegory –

a short story with a point.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the ways I can use Allego?

Allego can be used to share best practices, to collaborate with people out in the field, to support new product launches, and provide instant access to information when you need it.

Can I use Allego when I do not have access to the Internet?

Yes, for iOS users you can create, view and provide feedback on videos completely disconnected from the web.

What can I do in offline mode?

When you are not connected to a WiFi or cellular network, Allego can still allow you to view, comment on, and record new content. Newly created items and feedback will simply be stored locally until the next time you connect to the internet and launch the Allego app. In order for videos to be played while you are offline, they need to be stored locally, as well. This may happen automatically for recently watched videos or videos that you personally created. For other videos, you can force Allego to store a local copy by marking them as Favorites. Presentations may also be stored locally for use in recordings that are created while offline.

How do I designate a video as a favorite?

If you want to easily revisit a video, or cue up a video so you can watch it when your network connection is disabled, you can mark it as a Favorite. Anywhere we display a video’s title, we also display a small star icon. Tapping on that star icon will turn it gold and will toggle that item’s status as a Favorite. When you mark an item as a Favorite, it will appear in your Favorites channel.

How difficult is it to learn how to use Allego?

Allego is easy to use and was designed with on-the-go Sales people in mind. Many users are able to teach themselves, and Allego offers training sessions as part of your deployment.

Can I include a document in my video?

Yes. In Allego you can insert a PDF or PPT in your video directly or with a voiceover only recording.

How will I know there is feedback on my video?

When feedback is provided on your video, you will be notified with a push notification to your iOS device, an email digest within 24 hours, and a feedback bubble on your video.

Who has access to view my Allego videos?

You have complete control of when your video is shared in Allego and who it is shared with. Use Allego for practice and share your video when you are ready!

Can I use my Mac or laptop PC with Allego?

Yes, Allego is enabled for web users via Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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