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November 30, 2018

Despite Cool New Sales Learning Tools, Content is Still King

Thanks to the digital revolution of the last 30 years, the average sales trainer can now access the kinds of cool communication and content creation tools once reserved for newspaper publishers, film studios and TV production companies. Unfortunately, people sometimes get so enamored of these new tools that they forget to focus on the actual content.

Your messages are just as important – if not more important – than the media you use to convey them. Desktop publishing, mobile video, and texting have made it faster and less expensive for a wider range of people to create and distribute learning content in a variety of formats, but what you say is still as important as how you say it.

To ensure that your sales team gets the most from the Allego platform – easy-to-access content that helps them sell better and faster – here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

Who Should Create the Content?

Often, the best content creators are subject matter experts – e.g., people from product or marketing. The best way to identify your prime content creators is to survey the sales team or sales leadership. Sales leadership is usually tuned in to what the sales team needs to know – and from whom – so they’re a great resource for identifying content creators.

Also, sales reps are often keen to hear from their peers. So another great “talent pool” is top performers. Everyone wants to learn from the people doing best – those who are really crushing their numbers.

What Content Do We Need?

How do you choose the most relevant topics for your videos? Again, you can use surveys to identify the best content, or you can simply ask the reps directly.

Some questions to ask include: “What are most common objections you hear in the field?” “What hurdles are you having a hard time overcoming?” Who are your top competitors, and how are they tripping you up?” “Which products or product features are most challenging for you?”

Once you have the Who and What, you can start recording the videos.

When and How Do We Distribute the Content?

When do we push out this content to our sales team, and in what format?

The most successful Allego clients roll out content to their sales teams on a regular basis. We like to say that they create and distribute their content “early and often.” So, for example, you might want to create a schedule where every Monday morning you release new videos. That will help drive the sales team back to Allego – again and again – until using it becomes habitual.

Another best practice is to promote your new content to steer the sales team to Allego. (This is especially important for new users.) We recommend creating a newsletter, preferably a weekly one, in which you promote the latest videos that you’ve created. By sending the reps emails with links to the videos directly in Allego, you remind the sales reps that there’s fresh content available – just for them – that they can access whenever they need it. It’s there to help them close more deals, faster.

To persuade more of the reps to actually view those videos, you might want to have the emails sent from someone in sales leadership. We find that sales professionals are much more likely to act on an email from their executive leadership team than anyone else in the organization.

Once you answer these three simple questions, developing an ongoing plan for creating and sharing valuable content to the sales team becomes much easier.


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