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April 16, 2019

How to Make Sales Content More Engaging

In the last few years, mobile video technology has transformed the way we learn and consume content at work. But modern learning technology by itself doesn’t drive better engagement and learning outcomes. To be effective, a training program must also incorporate modern learning practice.

Keep the Sales Learning Content Bite-Sized

Whether it’s delivered by mobile video, PowerPoint or a “live” human, a 60-minute lecture is still a 60-minute lecture – one that will prompt many reps to disengage.

A key principle of modern learning is that content should be broken into small, digestible chunks – e.g., three- to five-minute videos. As long as the content is engaging and relevant, the videos or slides don’t have to look like a Hollywood production. They just need to be relevant to the real world and laser-focused on a particular skill or bit of knowledge.

Put Content in Context

Because content is delivered in a modular, bite-sized way, it’s especially important to put the information into context. Reps need to understand why they’re watching a particular video, or doing a particular exercise, in order for it to have a real impact.

If you’re presenting one isolated module, and not putting it in context – not explaining why and how it’s supposed to help – it probably won’t be effective. It will be seen as an isolated training incident rather than part of a longer journey.

For example: if you want to teach someone a proper golf swing, you’ll first want to explain that the ultimate goal is hitting a golf ball in a straight line. If you simply show them a bunch of one- or two-minute videos on how to keep your shoulders squared and how to bend your waist, etc., they may have no clue why this content is relevant.

Give Assignments to Sales Reps

In addition to presenting new skills and knowledge, fully engaging your sales reps requires that you give them an assignment, so they can practice applying that sales knowledge or those negotiation skills.

Whether the assignment is filling out a planner, researching an account or handling a customer objection, reps need to apply the concepts they’ve just learned. That way they can put them into practice and prove that they’ve mastered the material.

This will give them opportunities to practice in a safe environment – as opposed to practicing on their customers.

Tune into Your Reps Learning Style

In organizations with a geographically dispersed sales force, solely relying on classroom training is not practical. The logistics and expenses related to setting up in-person training are overwhelming. When Finastra, the third largest fintech provider in the world grew tremendously after a merger, the audience of learners doubled and the status quo was no longer sustainable. Sriveena Rao, Global Sales Training Analyst at Finastra, searched for ways to convert static content into bite-sized modules and develop engaging sales content they could deliver remotely.

“One of the biggest challenges for every sales trainer is to appeal to the different learning styles whether it is analytical learning, visual learning, or kinesthetic learning”, said Rao. From traditional role-playing to adaptive reinforcement exercises, modern learning technology simulates the classroom experience and allows trainers and sales enablement professionals to tap into a vast array of tools to engage learners. “Allego overcame that challenge for me because there were different avenues through which could engage the reps and make content accessible to my audience globally.”

For more on how to make sales content more engaging, watch our video on how Nuveen produces great sales content to kick start success.

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