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June 23, 2015

Meetings – now liberated from the constraints of the schedule

How Allego accelerates meeting of the minds via user-generated video


Sometimes, a text message is the perfect way to communicate. Particularly when the issue is fill-in-the-blank simple: “Chinese or pizza?”

Other times you need something with more depth. An email might be better if there’s important detail to consider, or a phone call if back-and-forth discussion is the best way to get on the same page.

And then there are those times that call for face time, whether in person or via Skype.

Sometimes – say, a job interview – the information that’s in question isn’t the answer to any specific question: it’s one’s actual personality. Does Jill feel like the right person for the job?

In fact, the situations that call for a meeting often have to do with human synergy – creating or maintaining a common purpose. Performance reviews. Skill reviews and coaching sessions. Team building. And those uneasy, “look-me-in-the-eyes-when-you-answer-this” situations.


shutterstock_110240975When can we meet? Take a number


As one climbs the management ladder it seems, the more the schedule fills with face-to-face meetings. And to a very real extent, a manager’s success is determined by their ability to manage their meeting load – and especially, to maintain their investment in the people working for them through (or despite!) their meeting load.

Many of us have worked for Mr. or Ms. “I’m In So Many ‘Important’ Meetings That You’ll Never Get My Attention For Five Minutes” and know how much this can sabotage the functioning of the team. You’ll hear: “This is my top priority and I’ll need you to get started on it right away,” but there’s not the slightest opening in their schedule – to clue you in to just what it is they want – for three weeks. And that’s not a recipe for success.


A new alternative to face-to-face


One of the things we hear from Allego users is that the system reduces the need for in-person meetings, while helping accelerate the development of a unity of purpose and organizational effectiveness. Managers in particular rave about the fact that they can review their employees’ work and provide thoughtful feedback, outside of scheduled meetings – in fact, whenever and wherever they have a few minutes of free time.

User-generated video is one important component of this. With its unique ability to capture factual information as well the nuances of personal style and meaning, the medium of video enriches the palette of communication options. In a sense, video delivers many of the important qualities of a face-to-face meeting, only without the need for the second person to be present at the same moment in time.

By making “asynchronous meetings” both possible and productive, Allego-hosted video can be a game-changer. Sales managers for example can review their peoples’ skill at presenting a new product, or communicating a strategic message via video, without the overhead of traveling to a remote office for coaching session or ride along on a sales call. Yet they can be “fully present,” and give their staff 100% of their attention and meaningful feedback – which is invaluable to supporting the working relationship.


Supporting the human connection


Vitally important is that Allego provides tools for closing the loop with the employee that created the video. Allego allows you to make comments on the video in-line – “Pete, this is really well said” or “I would bring up ease-of-use before cost advantage.” It also includes a system for grading the video “performance” on eight different qualities, from command of the material, to eye contact, to strategic consistency, all of which can be changed per the organization’s needs.

Now of course, Allego doesn’t eliminate the need for every type of internal staff meeting. But organizations are finding that Allego’s knowledge sharing platform opens up a wide range of opportunities to revolutionize their ways of interacting, sharing information and working together better.


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