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The Big ROI of Better Sales Onboarding

sales on boarding proficiency curve - baseline versus improved
Seventh in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training technology. The previous posts on sales training ROI explained the four basic sources of return on investment that sales training investments deliver. Two you surely knew about: cost reduction and revenue growth. And two you might not have realized you were already delivering: risk reduction and reduced undesirable attrition! Now let’s see how these sources of ROI get generated when you improve one of the main sales training “jobs” – onboarding newly hired reps.  The power of video-based sales training is... Continue Reading

The ROI of Boosting Sales Rep Retention and Engagement with Better Sales Learning

Sixth in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. Most sales training ROI assessments stick to the basics: cost savings and revenue growth. But sales training and sales training technology investments deliver two additional types of return that are often overlooked. My previous blog covered reduced business risk. The other “hidden” source of ROI comes from better sales rep retention and employee engagement. Higher employee engagement within sales, or any other organization, spells greater productivity and better retention. In fact, highly engaged reps are up to 87% less likely... Continue Reading

The ROI of Reducing Business Risk Through Sales Training

Fifth in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. In a previous post, The Hidden ROI of Sales Training, I described certain ROI as being “hidden” much of the time. This particular word comes to mind because sales training teams often overlook entire categories of real business value they deliver when conducting payback analyses of their programs. So everybody benefits but nobody takes credit for it. Because of the butterfly effect — where one tiny adjustment in the present can alter the entire shape of the future — some... Continue Reading

Sales Training ROI: Measuring Revenue Growth

Fourth in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training technologies Hard cost savings provide the most concrete and easy to quantify ROI for sales learning technology. But we hire sales reps to bring home the bacon, not save on beans! Sales leaders invest in mobile video sales learning platforms primarily to boost the revenue their reps produce. So savvy sales training and sales enablement pros looking to prove the value of their work must show how they move the revenue needle. Measuring revenue impact takes more work than capturing cost... Continue Reading