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Sales Training ROI: Measuring Revenue Growth

Fourth in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training Hard cost savings provide the most concrete and easy to quantify ROI for sales learning technology. But we hire sales reps to bring home the bacon, not save on beans! Sales leaders invest in mobile video sales learning platforms primarily to boost the revenue their reps produce. So savvy sales training and sales enablement pros looking to prove the value of their work must show how they move the revenue needle. Measuring revenue impact takes more work than capturing cost savings,... Continue Reading

Reducing Sales Training Costs with Modern Sales Learning

Third in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. Cost savings deliver the gold standard of ROI, beloved of CFOs. Calculating it is more straightforward than the other types of ROI that sales training platforms deliver. Travel costs avoided by using video instead of in-person training count now, not in the future. Not surprisingly, sales enablement and sales learning teams quantifying ROI usually start here. This two minute video from the “Capturing the ROI of Sales Learning” session at Allego’s Sales Success Summit provides some nice benchmark data about... Continue Reading

The Hidden ROI of Sales Training

Second in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. We need to close the gap between the tremendous value sales training teams deliver, and the persistent perception that sales training sucks. First, we have to reinvent those aspects of traditional sales training that DO suck – clunky technology, sporadic death-by-PowerPoint training events, poor access to internal expertise, etc. That’s why we built Allego, BTW. But that’s not all. We must also more rigorously assess the business value that sales training creates. Measuring ROI lets you separate what works from... Continue Reading

The State of Sales Training ROI

First in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training.   As mobile video-based sales learning platforms move beyond visionary early adopters and into the mainstream, Allego has been working with customers to more thoroughly capture and measure the business impact of investments in sales learning. At last June’s Sales Success Summit, our customer conference, attendees chose ROI as the topic they most wanted us to cover. Since the data and best practices we collected apply more broadly than to just Allego customers, we’re sharing them through a series of... Continue Reading