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Optimizing Sales Productivity

Global workforce management organization optimizes sales productivity, brand consistency and shared learning.


This leader in technology-enabled staffing and recruiting services commands a significant worldwide market share in the highly competitive global workforce management space. With tens of thousands of organizations spanning more than 100 countries, they are continually looking for ways to optimize and improve operations and drive performance, with tens of thousands of sales offices in more than 100 countries.


The Global Workforce Management Story

The company faces stiff competition, with many global workforce management companies looking to offer staffing and talent management services over the cloud – and because many of their sales presentations occur via WebEx or phone calls rather than face-to-face, it is essential that their sales messages be crisp and on point.

Because the Sales and Services teams are distributed globally, sharing best practices and collaborating effectively are significant challenges. To address these challenges and ensure the field teams have the processes and platform to support Just-in-Time Learning, the executive team chose Allego as the Sales Learning Platform.

Before using Allego, sales reps had limited access to see “what good looks like” when it came to corporate messaging or products sales presentations. With Allego, those best practices are now captured in short videos and shared across the team. The sales reps watch videos of top performers on their team delivering key sales messages and demonstrating a solid pitch. They can reference those videos on-demand for their own development anytime, anywhere.

There were two groups initially selected to be part of the Allego roll out – roughly 75 Sales users dispersed throughout North America and another 75 users distributed across the Services team. The executive sponsor, VP Sales Enablement, created an initial video with an assignment for capturing in field best practices.

The sales reps are able to watch on-demand videos of top performers delivering key sales messages anytime, anywhere.


Allego is providing a way for new sales hires to revisit and reinforce content that has been delivered during onboarding bootcamp. Retention of this foundational knowledge has increased significantly as new team members, now in the field, build their sales skills with deliberate practice of the sales messaging. They can request and receive in-video feedback and coaching from managers and trusted peers, reducing the need for in person training either at HQ or in the field.

Every sales team is hungry for the shared knowledge and experiences of their peers. Allego was quickly deployed as a great way to distribute this shared knowledge, benefitting all team members. Users identified topics they were struggling with like objection handling and competitive positioning. A set of short videos created by SMEs and sales reps detailing the best ways they found to handle these challenges were reviewed and curated by Sales and Sales Enablement Leadership into a Channel that was made accessible to the entire sales team on-demand and on-the-go.

Each staff member has a pitch that is consistent, on point, and allows the organization to be crisp and articulate during sales calls.

Ongoing Success

The Allego platform has been well received and the team continues to build and curate their collection of best practices, success stories, and winning strategies content. The Allego platform enables consistent messaging among staff and decreases onboarding time and expense for new sales and services team members. Each week sales people create weekly videos (1-2 minutes): “What worked for me this week” & “Top challenges this week.” Their peers are able to access these videos anytime and anyplace, absorb their content and apply them for their own benefit in client situations that have similar challenges.

One of the reasons for this company’s success is the sales executive has been involved in roll out and implementation. He has created clear assignments and each sales manager is creating and distributing weekly videos to their team communicating the top 3 things each rep needs to focus on for the week. While many users were initially camera shy, the benefit of being able to collaborate globally and get immediate access to best practices, key objection handling, and review success stories or challenges, has resulted in a highly engaged team across the organization.

As part of this company’s mission, enabling customers to control labor costs, minimize compliance risks and improve workforce productivity, they have adopted an innovative approach to ensure the Sales and Services teams are prepared to demonstrate success in the market. By using Allego and enabling collaboration not previously possible, each staff member has a pitch that is consistent, on point, and allows the organization to be crisp and articulate during sales calls thus driving higher overall sales performance and competitive differentiation.


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