Creating Accountability Within Your Sales Team

Webinar | 8.31.21

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Live Webinar | 8.31.21 | 12:00pm EST

One of the keys to creating revenue growth is a positive culture of accountability. There are a number of factors necessary for standing up a culture that produces consistent results. A positive, safe, supportive environment is what allows your sales force to commit to—and achieve—their goals.

Accountability doesn’t require an autocratic approach, nor does it require a “hands-off” approach that doesn’t create the responsibility to produce results.

Most leaders are thrust into the leadership role without a roadmap, including an understanding of how they need to go about standing up a positive culture of accountability. You need the tools required to hold your team accountable.

On August 31 at 12 pm ET, join Anthony Iannarino, a tenured sales leader who facilitates sales transformations with leading sales organizations, along with Allego’s CRO, George Donovan on best practices of sales accountability.

Anthony’s and George’s experiences will provide you deep insights and strategies for you to create a culture of accountability with your team.

Join us as Anthony and George share with you:

  • How your leadership style impacts your ability to hold your team accountable.
  • Why psychological safety is so important and how you can easily provide an environment for growth and results.
  • Non-negotiable and the difference between accountability and suggestions.
  • How technology can help foster a culture of accountability.
  • We’ll share the component parts of accountability and how to utilize them effectively.

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George Donovan

Chief Revenue Officer, Allego

Anthony Iannarino

Writer | Salesman | Speaker | Sales Leader