Sales Engagement Summit London 2023

Live Event | 12.06.23

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Date: 12.06.2023
Location: London, UK

Although a term on everyone’s lips, unfortunately ‘sales engagement’ is not always totally understood. The growing importance of understanding the buyer and their journey is crucial though, as engagement insights are increasingly proven to improve the sales process, the human experience and, ultimately, profitability.

Top Sales Professionals are Firmly Focused on Enablement

A recent Forrester survey found that over 80% of sales leaders have already made several changes to their process due to changing buyer expectations. Also revealed was that 57% of buyers have switched to a competitor due to an underwhelming experience. The sales technology stack helps unify the sales and marketing departments, enabling tracking and analytics into buyer behaviour.

According to Gartner, 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies to help their teams engage more effectively with prospects and customers.

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