Allego for Pharma and Biotech Sales Teams

Sales Learning Platform for Pharma and Biotech

Allego for Pharma and Biotech Sales Teams

Empower Consistent Sales for Distributed Sales Team

With protracted FDA approval processes, highly complex products, and minimal time to engage doctors, pharmaceutical sales organizations are under immense pressure to perform. Reps need to quickly come up to speed on new drug launches and fluently articulate value in a short window of time. Effective sales training, certification and coaching is more important than ever.

Allego’s mobile video sales learning platform works the way drug reps want to learn – using mobile and video – so it boosts performance and cuts costs. With Allego, top pharmaceutical sales organizations gain:

  • Improved odds of launch success
  • Faster time to competency and reduced cost of sales certification for new drug launches
  • More coaching interactions between managers and reps, without additional travel time or expense
  • Faster and more effective new sales hire onboarding
Allego was the primary tool used to certify the sales team during our product launch. The Allego app contributed to the speed of uptake and the effectiveness of the interactions conducted. The launch goal was achieved in half of the projected time

Paul S.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals