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Allego 8 unveiled at S3 conference

Allego 8 Unveiled at S3 Conference, Empowering Revenue Teams with AI-Powered Productivity Tools to Boost Performance

The single intelligent platform delivers AI-powered solutions to help revenue teams cut through the noise, automate tasks, and better understand buyers’ journeys  

WALTHAM, Mass. (June 5, 2024) – Allego, the leading modern revenue enablement platform provider, today announced Allego 8. The announcement was made at the Allego Sales Success Summit (S3). The groundbreaking platform is designed to help businesses boost productivity, streamline next-generation digital selling experiences, and elevate skills development across the entire organization. This market-leading breakthrough empowers companies to harness the true power of artificial intelligence (AI) for enablement while significantly reducing technology costs by unifying readiness, content, and digital selling into one platform.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are under pressure to optimize processes and accelerate sales cycles. Additionally, a Q2 2024 Allego study of over 300 revenue leaders found that more than 50% were dissatisfied with their sales cycle duration, highlighting the urgent need for solutions that accelerate revenue growth. Allego 8 directly confronts those challenges by providing an array of features crafted to amplify productivity, simplify workflows, and elevate the impact of sales enablement initiatives.

“We’re excited to attend this year’s Allego S3 conference and dive into the innovative enhancements of Allego 8,” said Kevin Clemence, Learning Leader, AI Technologies at GE HealthCare. “At GE HealthCare, we love exploring new sales enablement functionalities. Allego consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions to boost practice and upskilling across our salesforce. Beyond new and enhanced exercise types, we’re eager to see Allego’s advancements in the generative AI space.”

Allego 8 will give companies like GE Healthcare a unified platform that empowers sales teams to thrive, said Allego Chief Product Officer Andre Black.

“This major update to the platform is a breakthrough on so many levels, from the elegant ways we’ve improved user experiences, to the powerful ways we’ve harnessed cutting-edge AI technology to deliver multiple first-to-market enablement solutions that deliver value for teams on the front lines,” he said. “From even more intelligent learning and content solutions to next-gen digital selling experiences, Allego 8 is poised to revolutionize how organizations drive revenue and achieve success.”

With Allego 8, companies can:

Boost Productivity with Enablement AI for Sellers and Coaches

Allego 8 extends Enablement AI, a game-changing collection of innovations that revolutionizes the way teams work. Leveraging AI-driven assistance, Allego 8 enables all roles within revenue and enablement teams to operate smarter, not harder, by automating tasks, personalizing training, and empowering reps to adapt and grow faster than ever before. With features such as AI-Scripted Dialog Simulations and enhanced AI Virtual Coach Scoring, Allego 8 streamlines workflows and accelerates skill development, unlocking the full potential of sales teams.

Streamline Next-Gen Digital Selling Experiences

In today’s customer-centric landscape, delivering personalized and engaging experiences is paramount. Allego 8 equips sales teams with the tools they need to create seamless customer journeys, driving faster deal cycles and increased customer loyalty. Key features such as Deal Navigator and Guided Personalization across Documents, Videos, and Digital Rooms, empower reps to deliver targeted and tailored buyer experiences, setting organizations apart from competitors.

Elevate Skill Development & Impact Analytics Across the Entire Organization

Traditional learning management system (LMS) approaches are no longer sufficient in the face of evolving business dynamics. Allego 8 transforms enablement by consolidating disparate systems into a single, intuitive platform, reducing complexity and driving efficiency. With features such as Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Session Management and Revenue Stats dashboards, Allego 8 provides organizations with holistic insights into skill development, content usage, coaching impact, and sales outcomes, enabling informed decision-making and strategic alignment.

Black announced Allego 8 during his product roadmap keynote at Allego S3, which runs through June 6. The event is Allego’s 8th annual summit, bringing together Allego customers and industry thought leaders to share their revenue enablement success stories. Over 500 of the top enablement, sales, and marketing  leaders are attending the event this week in Boston to learn, exchange ideas, and network.

Availability: Allego 8 was made generally available on May 18. Select features will be released in upcoming months. To learn how Allego can help you win with your sellers and buyers, take a tour or visit

About Allego

Allego is the leader in modern revenue enablement technology. With Allego, you’ll ready more confident teams, curate impactful content, and engage buyers effectively—all within a unified platform. What sets Allego apart is the company’s expertise in harnessing social dynamics of revenue teams to foster alignment and knowledge sharing in the flow of work, driving organic adoption. This results in up to 50% reduction in software spend, 50% shorter sales cycles, and 45% higher win rates, propelling revenue growth.

Allego is the trusted choice for one quarter of Dow Jones Industrial Average companies, 5 of the 15 largest U.S. banks, 4 of the 8 largest insurance providers, 4 of the 5 largest global medical device companies, 6 of the 10 largest wealth management firms, 5 of the 5 largest asset management companies, and many other global enterprises. Learn more about revenue enablement that wins sellers and buyers at


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