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Allego’s Newest Patent Enables Asynchronous Team Collaboration

Sales enablement technology leader expands patent portfolio, delivering unique solutions to optimize the performance of distributed teams


WALTHAM, Mass. September 23, 2021Allego®, the leading sales learning and enablement platform provider, today announced a new patent for providing point-in-time feedback asynchronously through video. To date, Allego has been granted three patents, which collectively cover more than 60 claims and uniquely position Allego as a leader in the Sales Enablement market, able to deliver user-friendly content and learning effectiveness with an unmatched intuitive experience.

The newest patent, US1110989, was developed by Allego’s CEO and co-founder Yuchun Lee, Chief Product Officer Andre Black, Chief Technology Officer Ed Chin, and President and co-founder Mark Magnacca. With this technology, the Allego platform provides a paradigm for a rich social collaboration experience, allowing users to interact with comments via text or voice as a visually compelling threadable discussion. This capability is key for knowledge retention and comprehension when used as a feedback mechanism to users trying to absorb sales collateral or learning materials. Other key aspects of a compelling look-and-feel to Allego’s paradigm are also covered by previous patents, providing Allego users a uniquely effective user experience not available in other solutions.

Unlike a simple list of comments, Allego’s asynchronous communications appear as an overlay at specific points-in-time displayed within the actual video. For example, sales representatives can share their recordings of a product demo with their manager, who is then able to provide feedback on the approach or coach their rep on overcoming objections at a particular location within the video’s timeline. Sales reps can then respond to this threaded discussion, with other colleagues able to review and understand the full context of the conversation. It is the industry’s most robust and intuitive approach to asynchronous audio/video-based collaboration. 

“As virtual and hybrid work become the norm, new methods of collaborating and fostering discussion must be implemented to replicate some of the rich experience of face-to-face discussion,” said Andre Black. “Our newest patent is another foundational component of what we’re building and a reflection of the years spent developing the offerings our customers need more than ever today.”

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About Allego
Allego provides an all-in-one sales enablement platform with patented technology that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. In place of traditional training and content enablement tactics – which are rapidly outdated and often ineffective – Allego empowers reps with the activated content they need to close deals faster and the personalized coaching and learning they require for continuous improvement. And it all happens in the flow of their daily work. Whether it’s providing feedback to one another through asynchronous video or enhancing their skills through AI-powered coaching and peer-to-peer collaboration, more than 500,000 professionals are using Allego to revolutionize the way they onboard, train, collaborate and sell. To learn more about Allego and learning and enablement in the flow of work, please visit


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