4 Ways to Quantify The ROI of Sales Training Technology

Systematically measuring the ROI of sales training gives trainers and enablement teams a more accurate picture of their programs’ effectiveness.

Yet teams often mismeasure business value and overlook important sources of ROI that they may already be delivering.

This eBook summarizes the four sources of business value that sales training and enablement pros should seek to capture, with tips on how best to measure each.

  1. Cost reduction sales training technologies reduce travel costs as well as lost selling time.
  2. Risk reduction: poorly-prepared sellers open their firms up to execution risk, planning risk, regulatory and compliance risk, and brand risk.
  3. Revenue growth: the way to really juice your ROI is by growing revenue through higher performing sellers.  
  4. Employee engagement: training and training technology impacts the wellbeing of your sellers, which has intrinsic value as well as measurable business benefits in the form of higher performance and lower attrition.

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