5 Keys for Revamping Onboarding in the Era of Hybrid Work

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In recent research from Allego, 39 percent of leaders report that remote work has made their old onboarding process obsolete, while 60 percent say remote work has increased their onboarding effectiveness.

Which group are you in?

Learn the 5 keys to turning remote or hybrid onboarding into an advantage that drives faster ramp times, higher knowledge retention, and lower turnover in this on-demand webinar conducted by Dr. Bob Nelson, “The Leading Worldwide Advocate for Employee Recognition & Engagement” (Harvard Business Review) and Craig Simons, Allego’s Director of Marketing.

They will review the latest research and trends in onboarding and propose a revamping of traditional approaches to create a more impactful “everboarding” approach.

Topics include:

  • Job Analysis for Success
  • Building Culture & Connection for Long-Term Retention
  • Scaling Content Creation & Integrated Just-in-Time Delivery
  • Self-Directed & Personalized Onboarding AI-Driven Learning Reinforcement

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