5 Proven Ways CI Can Make You A Better Sales Leader

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Are you always looking at ways to develop as a Sales Leader?

Do you actively invest time in driving your team to be the best they can be?

Is improving the performance of your team a top priority?

Here’s where Conversation Intelligence can help.

CI is a way to coach and empower sellers, replicate ‘A’ player behavior and ultimately boost performance and revenue. You can capture every conversation, along with all of the sharable wins and coachable mistakes to review, improve and ramp your team based on real-life data and insights.

Instead of us telling you how great it is, we want you to hear the power of CI first-hand, from Owain Williams’ personal experience. He’s here to tell his story on how CI helped with onboarding, ramping and coaching and improving the overall performance of his sales team.

Interested to hear Owain’s insider tips?

Join Richard Smith, VP of Sales at Allego and Owain Williams, Founder at Dremur, an Allego Marketing Partner, for this on-demand session. Hear:

  • What life as a Sales Leader was like for Owain before using CI
  • The advantages of adopting CI
  • The impact on the numbers
  • The value of establishing a coaching culture

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Owain Williams, Founder, Dremur
Owain has worked B2B sales since 2004 and joined one of the UK’s largest independent Distributors of IT products. After starting as a Junior Account Manager, he was promoted to New Business Manager after two years, General Sales Manager after another two years and, a little before his 28th birthday, Owain was invited to join the Board of Directors in 2010 to be the Sales Director – a position held for 10 years until his resignation in 2020.

As a leader, Owain has helped grow, mentor, and support several high-performing sales teams, giving him invaluable experience in getting the best from staff and enabling companies to achieve their strategic objectives.  Of course, it was not all plain sailing, and he’s learnt some good – but hard – lessons from his mistakes in real-life business situations. Owain aims to now guide you to success whilst also avoiding costly errors!


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Rich Smith, VP of Sales, Allego
Richard fell into the profession after leaving University with an underwhelming Computer Science degree. He has performed all sales roles from lead generation to revenue contributor, and now leads a growing team. He is passionate about coaching and developing others, particularly those just starting their career.





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