A Guide on Cold Call Coaching for Sales Leaders

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Do you know how beneficial coaching can be to your team’s performance?

As a sales leader, coaching your team to improve performance should be a priority. However, for many, coaching poses challenges. Perhaps you could be short on time, unsure where to start or maybe unaware of the huge benefits coaching can bring to the overall performance of your sales team.

In our opinion, many sales leaders (and sellers) are missing out on the benefits of coaching, so we’re here to fly the coaching flag. We have two passionate and experienced sales leaders ready to share their invaluable knowledge and experience in coaching teams to success. Their advice is designed to help you introduce coaching to your regular schedule, drive your team’s performance and also develop your skills as a sales leader.

Join Stuart Taylor, Sales Director at Allego and Owain Williams, Founder at Dremur, an Allego Marketing Partner for this session and gain practical advice you can put into place with your own sales reps.

Join us to listen in on:

– A demonstration on how to practically coach cold calls and what you should be looking for, using real life calls as examples
– Stu & Owain’s coaching experiences, highlighting why coaching should be a top priority
– The impact of coaching to both sellers and sales leaders and the benefits it bring to performance and leadership.

In addition, we’re inviting our audience to share any examples of recorded calls they would like to have coached as part of this webinar. Please email Rachel Long rlong@allego.com sharing your recorded piece should this be of interest to you.

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