Agile Learning for High Tech – Tool Kit

Intelligent sales interactions are the foundation of revenue growth in the tech sector, yet Gartner recently found that only 34% of reps could compellingly convey the business value of their solutions.

Without an agile approach to sales readiness, today’s fast-evolving products and increasingly complex competitive landscapes can outpace even the most tenured high tech sales reps.

What’s the key to an agile approach that supports growth? This kit reviews the basics of quickly building an agile video content machine to capture, refine, and duplicate your own successful reps’ proven behaviors and approaches. You’ll learn how to mine for video gold and uncover powerful sales learning content and collateral that can be infused into the flow of work for your reps.

In this tool kit, you’ll receive:

  • Video: How Apptio Reduced Onboarding Cost and Ramp Time
  • Video: TripAdvisor Gains Visibility into Sales Conversations Using Allego
  • Business Brief: The ROI of Sales Onboarding Using Agile Learning and Readiness Technology
  • eBook: Six Vital Questions for Evaluating Sales Learning Platforms
  • Checklist: How to Evaluate Agile Learning Platforms

Download the Kit