Agile Learning for Life Sciences – Tool Kit

Over half of all new medical devices—and nearly two-thirds of new drugs—fail to hit their sales targets, according to McKinsey. Training organizations play a critical role in boosting the odds of launch success, but traditional methods of sales training and certifying reps are too costly and time consuming to keep up with today’s rapidly changing market landscape.

To remain competitive amid shrinking launch windows and training budget reductions, organizations must adopt agile approaches to sales learning.

What’s the key to an agile approach that supports growth? This kit reviews the basics of accelerating time-to-competency after launch, and quickly building an agile video content machine to capture, vet, and replicate your own successful reps’ proven behaviors and approaches. You’ll learn how to mine for video gold and uncover compliant sales learning content and collateral that can be infused into the flow of work for your reps.

In this tool kit you’ll receive:

  • Video: How Becton Dickinson Onboards New Hires
  • Video: How CooperVision “Clones” Its Top Reps
  • Brief: The ROI of Sales Onboarding Using Agile Learning and Readiness Technology
  • eBook: Blueprint for Medical Device Sales Certification
  • Checklist: How to Evaluate Modern Learning Platforms

Download the Kit