Allego Leadership Interview Series: Megan Raphoon

Megan Raphoon, Director of Client Experience Operations, Quicken Loans


Almost overnight, those of us who can have started working from home. It’s been called the biggest unplanned experiment in remote work in history. Even with the explosion of technology, platforms and information, there are still many challenges to communication, collaboration and productivity, especially for sales teams.

Learn from an experienced sales trainer how to design and deliver virtual training in a fast-moving and unpredictable environment.

Megan Raphoon is the Director, Client Experience Operations at Quicken Loans. She joined Quicken Loans almost eight years ago as an executive coach and purchase banker, helping people buy their dream homes. She describes herself as “obsessed with engineering the top account executives in the mortgage industry.”

Watch this interview to learn:

  • How to overcome some of the biggest obstacles facing training teams
  • Tactics to motivate and engage geographically dispersed learners
  • Strategies sales leaders can use to sustain sales performance
  • Ways to grow a culture of learning in the current climate